Amongst Cultivators, I Stand Above All

Chapter 61 - Don’t Ask What You Shouldn’t Ask

Chapter 61: Don’t Ask What You Shouldn’t Ask

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Now that she had personally seen such stunning beauty, Dong Xi finally realized how shallow she had been in the past. His eyes were so deep that they seemed to have a kind of soul-stealing effect.

At night, she did not even dare to enter the house. She sat cross-legged by the pond to get rid of the distracting thoughts in her mind.

It was not until the moon disappeared that she regained her calm and returned to the cave.

The beautiful man who was originally on the bed had also changed back to the appearance of the little black snake.

Dong Xi, who had mentally prepared herself, saw that he had become a small black snake and heaved a sigh of relief. However, she did not dare to take it back.

What kind of joke was this? although the lower half of such a beautiful man’s body was a snake’s tail, if she were to play with it, wouldn’t that be a little lecherous?

“You’re already able to transform now?” Dong Xi asked. “What’s your cultivation level?”

A demon that could take human form could be said to be a great demon. He could easily kill her with a move of his finger.

From the looks of it, she was not the one who caused the little black snake’s injury.

She actually had the guts to stay with the little black snake for so long? If she had known earlier, she would not have dared to pick up the little black snake back then, even if she had the courage of a bear.

Su Cheng saw that she was so sensible last night and did not dare to enter the house. He said with his divine sense, “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.”

Dong Xi’s curiosity was immediately suppressed. She took a few steps back to keep her distance from the bed. “I won’t ask anymore. You can rest.”

She picked up the White Jade Sword and walked out of the cave. As soon as she stepped out, a voice transmission talisman flew over.

Dong Xi immediately caught it, and Song Qingfeng’s voice rang out. “Go to the Cultivation Techniques Hall on Mengxuan Peak and choose a cultivation technique. If there’s anything you don’t understand, just look for me.”

“Mengxuan Peak?”

Dong Xi was confused. Where was this mountain peak?

Fortunately, Song Qingfeng was not that unreliable. When the voice transmission talisman burned out, he drew a pattern.

Dong Xi looked at it for a long time before he realized that this was the map of the Ningtian Sect.

She subconsciously wanted to take out her phone to take a picture, but when she touched her waist, she came back to her senses. This was the cultivation world.

There was no phone in the cultivation world, but a photostone. However, she did not have one, so she could only remember it with her brain.

Every sect in the Ningtian Sect had many peaks, and there were many secondary peaks around the main peak.

The map gradually disappeared, and it was impossible for her to remember everything. She could only remember the road to Mengxuan Peak first.

When it finally dissipated, Dong Xi sighed. It seemed that the next time she went to the Points Hall, she should ask if there was a map of the sect.

She took out the little turtle, injected her spiritual Qi into it, and stepped on it when it was the size of a palm.

She was a little afraid of heights, and the turtle was small, so she was afraid that she would fall down. She used her spiritual energy to firmly attach to the turtle, and she also had to control the flying height.

The moment she left the ground, Dong Xi was still a little excited.

To think that one day, she could really fly.

In her previous world, in order to resist gravity, they had tried everything they could, but the world of cultivators could do it with just spiritual energy.

Even though she was flying slowly and low, she was still flying.

As soon as she reached the foot of the mountain, she ran out of spiritual energy.

Dong Xi sighed. She could only get down from the tortoise, put it away, and walk to Mengxual Peak’s Cultivation Technique Hall.

However, after walking for a while, she suddenly realized that something was wrong.

She seemed to have been to this place before… A dense forest, it seemed to be the place that Rui Xiang sent her to last time?

If she was still not sure, there was a plaque in front of the hall.

“Cultivation Techniques Hall?”

The last time she was here, she did not take a good look and thought it was the Cultivation Technique Hall.

She did not think that there would be such a big difference with just a single word. Compared to this place, the Cultivation Technique Hall outside was like a joke.

It was no wonder that the people from the outer sect were trying so hard to enter the inner sect. The difference was huge!

This time, she came from the inner sect, so no one stopped her and she successfully walked to the front of the Cultivation Techniques Hall.

The door of the main hall opened automatically, and she entered the main hall without hesitation.

At this moment, Song Qingfeng suddenly remembered that he forgot to tell Dong Xi the password, so he immediately chased after her.

However, he did not expect to only see Dong Xi’s back view when he arrived anxiously.

Song Qingfeng was confused. He could not understand how Dong Xi entered.

This was Dong Xi’s second time here. She followed the previous practice and knelt down in front of the portrait, kowtowing three times. The scene changed again, and he appeared in the same golden and resplendent room.

She walked to the table and picked up the ‘Guide to Cultivation Methods’. He crossed her legs and closed her eyes. A golden light appeared in her mind.

A sword also appeared in her hand, and she was still using the basic sword technique…

Although Dong Xi did not have a sea of consciousness, her spiritual power was much stronger than an ordinary child’s. However, she still could not hold on for long.

She opened her eyes and rubbed her aching head. She put the manual back on the table, wiped the futon and other things clean, and left the room.

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