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Chapter 71 - Still—Not—Finished—

Chapter 71: Still—Not—Finished—

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When he recalled the ups and downs of these past few days, Feng Xia could not help but lament in his heart.

His own weird cultivation had also gone through ups and downs…

To be honest, even Feng Xia could not tell what realm he was in now.

For others, after they activated eight Mystical Wheels, they would then be able to condense their own divine power. After that, they would surpass the Inception Realm and step into the Divine Power Realm.

He had only activated one Mystical Wheel. Logically speaking, he should be at the first level of the Inception Realm, but the thing was he could already condense his divine power. The next second, he was already in the first level of the Divine Power Realm.

If the upgrade system in a certain game worked in this way, the game’s numerical planner might already have been killed and sacrificed to the heavens.

“This is too strange. Which Mystical Wheel secret realm did I open? It doesn’t seem to be recorded in the Floating Dream Three Lives Technique. Could it be one that has yet to be discovered?”

In fact, this was also the reason why he chose to drop down from the higher levels and train again.

He did not know what Mystical Wheel secret realm he had activated. He had borrowed the eight divine powers. Under such circumstances, the stronger his cultivation, the more worried he would be!

Suppressing the doubts in his heart, Feng Xia looked at the two men again. “What are your plans next?”

“What other plans can we have?” Lei Shao smiled bitterly without thinking. “Of course, we’ll leave with the rest and wait for an opportunity to revive…”

Halfway through his sentence, the boorish man suddenly paused.

After a few breaths, he suddenly slapped own his thigh. His eyes were a little unfocused as he muttered.

“It seems like… we don’t have to retreat anymore?”

Two dukes had died at the hands of the old Sect Master, and the strongest grand duke, Mo Yuanlong, had died under Feng Xia’s sword. It could be said that the Thousand Autumn Valley’s greatest threat had been completely eliminated.

It could be said that unless the remaining two dukes rushed over or the emperor personally led his troops to this place, there were very few existences that could threaten the Thousand Autumn Valley’s survival for now.

However, given that two dukes had fallen one after another and grand duke Mo Yuanlong had similarly perished, it would definitely cause a shocking uproar in the capital once news of this got there.

When that happened, the emperor of Xuanwu Kingdom would probably be overwrought for a period of time and would not have the time to care about the Thousand Autumn Valley.

Originally, they were all already prepared to die.

Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, the situation suddenly changed. Even with the Dao hearts that Lei Shao and Liu Chuanyuan possessed, they could not help but feel dazed.

“Is this… over?”

Liu Chuanyuan murmured in a low voice.

“Then you’re dreaming.”

Feng Xia was about to speak his thoughts when he felt that it sounded too much like what Zhu Youniang would say. Hence, under Liu Chuanyuan’s gaze, he deliberated and changed his words. “You’re celebrating too early.”

Liu Chuanyuan: “…?”

“Cough, cough, cough. Fellow practitioner Liu, don’t forget that not many people died in this battle. The surrounding sects still retain their strength and the foundation of the imperial court hasn’t really been dealt a blow.”

The corners of Feng Xia’s mouth twitched as he said slowly, “The Thousand Autumn Valley has its own foundation but don’t the imperial court and royal family have it as well? Don’t those sects have it either? After having gone through this shocking attack, the Thousand Autumn Valley is currently at its weakest. Whether it can obtain a rebirth or not depends on its subsequent efforts.”

Both Lei Shao and Liu Chuanyuan were jolted awake.

“Fellow practitioner Feng’s words make sense.” Lei Shao squeezed out a sentence with a trembling voice. After a while, he suddenly added, “It makes sense… It makes a lot of sense!”

The death of the strongest Primal Core Realm grand duke would indeed plunge the imperial court and royal family into chaos.

However, the current emperor of Xuanwu Kingdom was still around. The imperial court’s infamous imperial guards were still around. The foundation that the royal family had managed for 700 years was still around!

If they felt that they could rest easy now and completely let down their guard, it would not be long before the Thousand Autumn Valley would be devoured until not even bones were left!

That would really be a case of extreme joy begetting sorrow.

“That’s right. Fellow practitioner Feng is right. I believe that Master’s spirit in heaven also hopes to see the revival of the Thousand Autumn Valley, and not a case of us getting carried away and speeding up our own destruction.”

With a solemn expression, Liu Chuanyuan cupped his fists and said, “Brother Feng, we can’t thank you enough. After this battle, you are our sect’s greatest benefactor. If you have any instructions, we will definitely…”

“Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!”

Feng Xia could not take it anymore after listening for a while. He bared his teeth and waved his hand. “It’s better to say less of such boring nonsense. Coincidentally, I need to check something. Just let me enter the library once.”

He could not find an answer in the Floating Dream Three Lives Technique to his strange Mystical Wheel secret realm, so he could only try to find it another way.

The first thing he did was to set a small goal for himself, and that was to read all the books in the library of the Thousand Autumn Valley.

Liu Chuanyuan immediately nodded solemnly. “Of course.”

That evening.

The last team to leave the Thousand Autumn Valley had already received instructions to return to the mountain gate.

“The battle is over? Two dukes have fallen and the Primal Core Realm cultivator from the imperial court is also dead. The crisis of the Thousand Autumn Valley has been resolved and we are asked to return to the sect as soon as possible?!”

Reading the contents of the secret letter, Ye Yi’s mouth gradually opened wide. “I, I, I… I’m really not in a dream… Ouch! Mo Yushu, why are you pinching me?!”

Next to him, the gentlemanly Mo Yushu shook his head. “Looks like you’re not in a dream.”

“Then pinch yourself! Why did you pinch me!”

Ye Yi bared his teeth and rubbed his thigh, sizing up the secret letter in his hand again. “Has the crisis of the Thousand Autumn Valley really been resolved? Why do I still feel like I’m dreaming? A Primal Core Realm cultivator came personally, yet the final victor is actually us?”

Suddenly, he shivered. “Could it be that the enemy has already broken through the defenses of the sect and found a way to send the secret letter? And they’re using this method to trick us into going back?”

Ye Yi took a deep breath and began to think calmly. After some careful analysis, he finally realized…?Oh my goodness, are we going to die!?

“There’s still no need to be so pessimistic.”

Hearing Ye Yi’s analysis, Mo Yushu pondered for a moment and nodded thoughtfully. “However, we really need to be careful about returning to the sect… Maybe we can do this!”

He whispered into Ye Yi’s ear, “I found an ancient ruin more than 10 miles away from the sect that leads directly to the vicinity around the Thousand Autumn Valley. However, I was worried about danger in the past, so I never explored that place in depth. Perhaps we can use that ruin to return to an area near the Thousand Autumn Valley to check on the situation…”

Ye Yi’s eyes lit up, “Very good… This is a good idea! It’s settled then!”

At the same time.

Another team from the Thousand Autumn Valley also received a secret letter at the same time.

“Eldest Brother? What does the secret letter say?”

Ling Jieyu poked her head out and looked at Bai Canghai worriedly. “How is the situation back in the sect?”

More importantly…

Regardless of whether the Thousand Autumn Valley was dead or alive, she had to think of a way to leave the team as soon as possible.

This was because the Phantom Jade Pendant on her body had not had its spiritual power replenished for two days. The spiritual power in the jade pendant was about to be exhausted. By then, she would revert to looking like Yan Wuyou!

“If I really change back, that would be terrible…”

The young girl bit her lips with a worried expression.

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