Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Doesnt Seem to Allow People to Live too Ordinary

The gentle sun shone from the sky, illuminating the whole Aragane Station.

This is a place that’s more like a city than a village.

Houses are made of wood, there’s no modern house in sight, not to mention high buildings and large mansion.

The same is true for the street, the soil is directly exposed to the air, not even an inch of the modern ashphalt road.

However, in such a city surroundings, nevertheless have an out of tune steel wall surround the city.

Under the lead of the two Bushi, Fang Li stroll on the street.

Around, each and every pedestrian eyes move over here, while whispering.

In such a situation, Fang Li only feel as if he is a prisoner that shown to public through the street, and it feels extremely uncomfortable.

Of course, this is an unavoidable thing, who let Fang Li clothes to be so out of ordinary?

No, it should be said, in other people’s view, Fang Li’s clothes are very unusual.

At this moment, Fang Li wear a casual wear clothes, it’s a type which clearly different from the clothes of the crowds.

Unfortunately, this era of industrial revolution has just begun to affect the world, this clothes no matter how you see is out of ordinary.

At least, the pedestrians around are mostly always wearing kimono style clothes.

In this way, the modern clothes Fang Li use while walking in the street, naturally attracted countless eyes.

As a result, surrounded by people stare, Fang Li naturally feel all kinds of uncomfortable feeling, he really want to slip away, but can’t afford it.

Fortunately, such a tough time soon passed.

Under the lead of two vicious Bushi, Fang Li came to Aragane Station’s steel outer wall location.

Here, there are already many Bushi stand guard.

But these Bushi are carrying a very specific weapons.

“Guns” Fang Li somewhat stunned.

In this regard, a Bushi coldly snort and said: “It should be more correct to called it the steam gun".

After the industrial revolution began, the steam engine has become an essential goods.

Unable to mass produce high-quality gunpowder on Hinomoto, steam engine adopted not only on the railroad but also on industrial machinery, therefore, compared to guns, steam guns more mainstream.

The exceptional steam engine developed by the British [McRucky] uses the idea of steam compression, which not only provides a high power for operating a huge car body, but also to carry personal high-pressure boilers for steam weapons.

Therefore, a closer look on those Bushi who carry the guns in their hands will find that there’s a hose linking to the back.

There, there are two cylindrical boilers.

This kind of portable boiler is called [Backpack Engine], it has a various uses.

One of the uses is for steam guns.

Compared with previous long-range gunpowder guns, the magazine-fed steam gun was much more convenient and powerful, today’s faced with the threat of Kabane era, these steam guns becomes people’s psychological comfort.

Yes, it’s just psychological comfort.

Although the power of the steam gun are more powerful than the previous long-range gunpowder gun, Even so they still can’t damage the layer of steel skin membrane of Kabane heart.

It is because of this, that there is no means of decisive confrontation against Kabane and people have no choice but build a fort to protect themselves against Kabane .

A group of Bushi carrying individual high-pressure steam boilers, hands holding a gun-style steam gun and stand guard in the surrounding.

Especially the direction of the entrance, there is a large number of Bushi stand in guard, their expression is extremely ferocious.

In order to combat the threat of Kabane, the shogunate governing Hinomoto built a fort called [Station] in various places, and going to another [Station] with the armored locomotive known as —- Hayajiro.

Hayajiro is operated by the shogunate, crew members collected at each station are working alternately.

Each station managed to keep their lives by mutually exchanging their products.

Thus the power of the shogunate which distributes the logistics are very large, and thus dominated the Hinomoto.

So, Hayajiro through the steel gate can go back and forth between station.

However, this is also risky.

𝕿𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖚𝖕𝖑𝖔𝖆𝖉 𝖋𝖎𝖗𝖘𝖙 𝖆𝖙 𝖓𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑-𝖇𝖎𝖓.𝖈𝖔𝖒

For example, inside Hayajiro, if there is someone that get bitten by kabane, by the time the person got into the station, and then turn into Kabane, the whole station will face a great threat.

There is no decisive means to fight Kabane, where people are destined to live every day life in fear, even to the extent where because of their inner fear, their mind give birth to dark emotions.

Obviously, the Bushi who are in charge of being the gatekeeper are filled with the feeling of anxiety and fear.

After all, if there is a Kabane invasion, the gatekeepers will be the first to bear the brunt of becoming the first batch of victims.

In such circumstances, let alone Kabane, even if it’s a person, if for no reason come close, it will detonate the fear in their hearts, and then raise the steam gun to aim it right?

Thinking up to here, Fang Li look at those Bushi and look at the fear in their eyes.

Looking at Fang Li, the two Bushi that lead the way also thought Fang Li was scared, followed by sarcasm.

“So was it scary? By the time you saw Kabane, wouldn’t you be scared silly immediately?

“He’s just a wanderer, do you really want him to fight with Kabane?”

The two Bushi ridicule make Fang Li withdraw his sight ,in his mind he become somewhat angry.

However, the thought of these people are facing the crisis of destruction, and can only find a sense of superiority in the weak people similar to them, Fang Li anger turn into a pity.

Didn’t know wheter or not it’s because they see the expression that shown through Fang Li eyes ,the two Bushi expression become ugly.

“You are going to the top of the wall to watch!”

The Bushi pointed to a position in the steel wall, and said with a loud voice that contains some anger

“That position is empty, you go to guard that place!"

“Now?” Fang Li raised his hand, his hands empty said: “At least should give me a weapon, right?”

“That’s nothing to do with us, if you want weapon, you search for it yourself,” another Bushi coldly snort and said, “If kabane appears on the wall, you must repel them otherwise the one who’s going to die are you.

Finished, the two Bushi leave go to mind their own business, no longer pay attention to Fang Li.

Looking at the two Bushi who gradually go farther away, Fang Li also feel a little helpless.

“Unexpectedly, They don’t even give a steam gun?”

If there’s no steam gun, how am I going to guard?

If there is Kabane that climb the walls, don’t tell me, do I need to jump to fight with them?

“So, from the start these Bushi did not expect my performance?”

It is also a matter of course.

Although the Dimension will give the Main God Envoy arrangements for their identity, but when all said and done it’s only the most basic identity.

Otherwise, the Main God Envoy possibly going to rely on the advantages of their identity to weather the storm and reap the reward.

Therefore, the identity that arranged by the Dimension of the Main God will only make the Main God Envoy existence in this world as normal as possible and not to abrupt, apart from this problem it’s disregarded without exception .

In view of this, Fang Li as an foreign wanderer, it is impossible to obtain the trust of these Bushi who’s trying to save their own neck, and then obtain weapons.

Want to complete the task, to save their lives, they can only rely on themselves.

The Dimension give the 1000 Exchange points with five free stats points is for the sake of this time.

Main God Envoy only use their own resources on hand and only use their ability to complete the main task in each world, earn rewards and get what you want.

If I only want to rely on the plot for the aid and protection, then needless to say the final outcome is only a dead end.

“If you change a person, I’m afraid that towards this situation, it feels very difficult, right?”

Even if there is Dimension that give the 1000 Exchange point with five free attribute points, want to deal with Kabane is not an easy thing.

After all, to deal with Kabane,if its hearts aren’t pierced, then the it will not die.

However, in the heart of Kabane, there are steel-like membrane protection, even the steam guns can’t kill it.

There’s no skill, a graded equipment can’t be afforded by the Dimension newbie, Is it possible to kill it?

“Unfortunately, the Dimension doesn’t seem to allow people to live too ordinary ...”

How to say, Fang Li can only display his trump card to deal with Kabane.


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