Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Changing Your Face Faster Than Flipping a Page

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Seeing Ji Lingchen return, Fang Xiaonuan’s thoughts changed. She smiled and went forward to greet him. “Hubby, you’re back.” After all, she was the one who had provoked him first. Fang Xiaonuan was very sensible at this time.

Ji Lingchen looked at Fang Xiaonuan, who had changed her face faster than one could flip a page. Fire burned in his chest. Earlier, she had called him ‘Uncle’, but now she was calling him ‘Hubby’?

“Hubby, I was wrong.” Seeing that Ji Lingchen was not paying attention to her, Fang Xiaonuan’s attitude was still impeccable. She spoke with a smile and looked completely harmless. No one could find fault with her in this moment.

“Stay away from me!” Seeing that Fang Xiaonuan was approaching with “bad intentions”, Ji Lingchen could not help but speak up.

“Ji Lingchen, did your father teach you to bully your wife like this?” Old Master Ji got angry and yelled at Ji Lingchen.

Ji Lingchen glanced at Fang Xiaonuan, then walked around her and sat on the sofa. “My time is precious. If you have something to say, say it!”

“Apologize to Nuannuan!” Old Master Ji’s voice did not become softer. It was clear that he was quite angry.

Ji Lingchen’s sharp, eagle-like gaze was trained on Fang Xiaonuan. Fang Xiaonuan felt guilty under his gaze. At the same time, she was thinking about why Old Master Ji kept asking Ji Lingchen to apologize to her. It did not seem like anything had happened!

“Dad, don’t be angry. Family members should not hold grudges. There’s no need for Lingchen to apologize to me. Since he’s back, you guys can chat. I’ll go back to the bedroom first.” After all, she was the one who had offended Ji Lingchen. Fang Xiaonuan did not dare to stay any longer. She simply took over the conversation and quickly fled the scene.

After saying that, Fang Xiaonuan ran upstairs.

Fang Xiaonuan, who had returned to her room, heaved a sigh of relief. If looks could kill, she felt as if she had been dismembered thousands of times by Ji Lingchen. She reflected in her bedroom, and after a while, she understood a lot more.

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First of all, if she wanted to survive in the Ji family unscathed, the most obvious thing she had to do was make sure she did not offend Old Master Ji. Old Master Ji could be said to be her backer. Her childish actions last night had already challenged Old Master Ji. If he found out today that she called his son “Uncle”, she would be finished. He would be very furious.

No matter how uncontrollable Ji Lingchen was, he would still reluctantly comply under the threat of Old Master Ji. Therefore, Old Master Ji was a person who should not be provoked at all.


There was also Ji Lingchen. This person was too narrow-minded. She could not provoke him all the time. It was fine to be angry at him every few days. If she was angry all the time, she would not have an easy time in the future.

She had thought it through, but the reality was that with her fiery temper, it was hard for her to stay calm when provoked.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened. Fang Xiaonuan immediately recollected her thoughts and greeted Ji Lingchen. “Hi, uncle!”

Ji Lingchen had never met a woman like Fang Xiaonuan. Not only did she change her expression so quickly, but she was also not afraid of him at all. The way she challenged his authority was simply infuriating. He approached Fang Xiaonuan and suddenly raised his hand to pinch the back of her neck.

“Ah... You can’t afford to play. You launched a sneak attack!” He pinched Fang Xiaonuan’s neck, and his strength was so great that she could not move at all. “Ji Lingchen, let go of me!”

Even though she was at a disadvantage in terms of strength, Fang Xiaonuan did not show any signs of weakness. Her hands were tightly clutching the palm of Ji Lingchen’s other hand. Ji Lingchen had one hand clutching the back of her neck, and she was unable to break free. Both of them were not feeling well at the moment.

Ji Lingchen asked, “What exactly did you say to the old man?”

“I haven’t asked you what you said. What did you say that made your father so angry that he wanted you to apologize to me?” Fang Xiaonuan could not raise her head, but her grip was not weak at all. Both of her hands were tightly pressed against the palm of Ji Lingchen’s other hand.

The two of them were too stubborn to give in now, and both of them felt a little wronged. After a while, Fang Xiaonuan was the first to speak. “How about this! You agree to my two requests, and I won’t call you uncle anymore. After we move out, we’ll stay out of each other’s way. Is that okay?”

“I’ll let go of your hand first. If you let go, I’ll take it as your agreement.” From this angle, Fang Xiaonuan could not see Ji Lingchen’s expression. To show her sincerity, she let go of his hand first.

“You’re really smart.” Ji Lingchen understood that Fang Xiaonuan was beating around the bush to get him to agree to her request. In other words, she knew that he could not hold her like this forever. So as long as he let go, it meant that he was agreeing to her request.

Ji Lingchen did not expect that he would get tricked by a little girl when he was so invincible in the business world. He let go of Fang Xiaonuan, which meant that he was agreeing to her two requests.


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