Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife

Chapter 202 - Evenly Matched

Chapter 202: Evenly Matched

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At this moment, the broadcast announced the name list of the upcoming matches. Among them was “Nan Nan versus T”.

The audience immediately cheered. This would be a fight worth watching.

The three of them were shocked, but after they reacted, they immediately gathered together to analyze T’s weakness.

The two of them had watched the matches with Fang Xiaonuan for five years, so they had some understanding of this.

Ji Wen expressed his opinion. “Muay Thai is fast, accurate, and fierce, but it consumes a lot of energy. Can you slow him down?”

Fang Xiaonuan shook her head. “I can’t do that. There should be some other way. Muay Thai doesn’t have much in the way of defense. It mainly relies on elbow and knee strikes. As long as I don’t get hit by him, my chances of winning will be higher.”

Soon, the venue announced the order of the matches. Fang Xiaonuan was the first to go up on stage.

She took a deep breath and calmed down. “Going early is good. I don’t want to go home late. If my husband gets suspicious again, I won’t be able to explain myself.”

Ji Wen said worriedly, “Ancestors, I beg you. Please end the battle quickly. It’s best if you don’t get injured.”

Fang Xiaonuan nodded. She got up and ran her hands through some water to cool them down before going up on stage.

On the opposite side, ‘T’ had not said a single word.

After Fang Xiaonuan entered the ring, she saw his stance and guessed that he had received Muay Thai training since he was young.

‘T’ was very polite. Whenever he was faced with an opponent, he would put his hands together to express his respect. However, his opponents were very arrogant, so he had never received a response.

Fang Xiaonuan returned his respect with cupped hands.

Her response surprised and delighted T. he had not expected that the first person to respond and respect him would be Nan Nan. He felt that he had met a worthy opponent this time.

Outside the battle, the two of them admired each other. On the platform, the two of them instantly entered a state of preparation.

The system’s countdown began, and an intense battle started.

Ji Lingchen walked to a glass door. Inside was an extremely large space, with hundreds of people sitting inside.

This door could not be opened manually. He needed a card to get in.

Ji Lingchen once again stuck his card into the swiping area. The door automatically opened, and he walked in.

“Xiaowen, I’m going to the bathroom. Watch over Xiaonuan. If anything goes wrong, immediately throw in the towel. Don’t let her fight as hard as she did last time,” Liu Siyu instructed.

Ji Wen nodded. “Don’t worry, I will. If she gets injured this time, not only will my uncle destroy this place, but he will also destroy the two of us.”

The match on the stage had entered its climax. Fang Xiaonuan had used all of her abilities against T, using all the moves she could. If she missed, she would immediately turn around and move away from T to avoid being hit.

T was good at Muay Thai, and the fatal point was a heavy blow. If he landed a hit, she would lose without a doubt. He tried to hit Fang Xiaonuan a few times, but Fang Xiaonuan was like a fish, extremely slippery. Every time he was about to land a hit, she dodged quickly.

At this time, Fang Xiaonuan seized the opportunity to move behind T and kicked his calf, causing T to fall to the ground. However, he grabbed Fang Xiaonuan’s calf and threw her to the ground as well.

Fang Xiaonuan had a bad feeling! Lying on the ground meant she was like a piece of fish on a chopping board. Her movements were immediately limited. Her neck was pushed down, and her face was flushed red.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the stage. This battle would last for a long time, and it would be difficult to determine the winner.

Fang Xiaonuan reacted quickly. Even though she could not breathe, she made a judgment in the face of impending danger. She gave up on breaking free. Instead, she clenched her fist and hit T’s temple with all her strength.

T groaned in pain, and the force that was pressing Fang Xiaonuan down weakened a lot.

She took the opportunity to swing her fist again. She hit T’s neck, knocking T off her body. Then, she quickly rolled away from T and half-squatted on the ground, breathing heavily and calming her heart rate.

Time passed. The two of them were evenly matched, and neither of them gained any advantage.

At this time, Liu Siyu came out of the bathroom. She washed her hands, rolled up her sleeves, and walked past the glass door, preparing to walk toward the arena. Suddenly, she saw a person without face paint out of the corner of her eye. Just as she was about to warn someone, this person happened to turn around and see her.

He would notice her because she was wearing the same clothes as his wife.

Their eyes met. Ji Lingchen saw the panic in the girl’s eyes. Was she afraid of him?

Ji Lingchen narrowed his eyes and sized up the girl’s facial features. She had a similar body shape to his wife, and she was also wearing the same clothes. Ji Lingchen subconsciously wondered if she was his little kitten that deserved a beating. However, this girl seemed different. Her hair was not as soft as that of his wife.

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