Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Wishing She Hadn’t Failed to Live Up to His Expectations

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Mayor Ji frowned after hearing his wife’s words. With a straight face, he said to his wife, “Feng Qi, you are not allowed to have any contact with the Lin family in the future.”


Feng Qi saw his wife’s injured face, which had yet to recover. He swallowed the words of blame that were about to come out of his mouth and looked at his wife with a gaze full of heartache. “Silly, you are being used without knowing it.”


The next day, Fang Xiaonuan woke up early. Ji Lingchen, who was lying on the bed, also got up. “Nuannuan, if you want to go to your parents’ house today, I’ll send you there.”

“I’m not going. My parents will suspect something is wrong if I go back too often.” Fang Xiaonuan stuffed her pajamas into the suitcase. It had been the same for the past few days.

Ji Lingchen wanted her to put her clothes in the cloakroom, but he swallowed his words. He did not stop her from using the cloakroom.

During breakfast, Feng Qi and Mayor Ji were not at the table because they were not home. After Old Master Ji found out about yesterday’s issue. Although he was dissatisfied with Fang Xiaonuan’s behavior, he did not reprimand her.

At the dining table, no one said anything.

In the morning, Lin Rou made a trip to the Ji family’s residence. Old Master Ji felt annoyed, so he asked someone to chase her away. At noon, Feng Qi returned. This time, she looked at Fang Xiaonuan with a sharp gaze.

That was a promise. She was certain that she could not handle her sharp gaze.

When Old Master Ji saw that his eldest daughter-in-law, whom he had lived with for more than twenty years, had returned, his attitude was much better. Moreover, he did not mention the matter of Feng Qi going to the Fang family to apologize.

After all, the eldest son was the mayor, and the eldest daughter-in-law was the mayor’s wife. If one of them were to apologize to relatives who were only commoners, it would hurt the Ji family’s pride. Therefore, Old Master Ji wanted to let this matter blow over quietly.


The Ji family completely let this matter pass, but Fang Xiaonuan was stubborn. She always remembered this.

Two days later, Feng Qi’s injuries had recovered to the point where they were no longer serious. On the way to dinner, she met Fang Xiaonuan again. “Fang Xiaonuan, I will definitely pay you back for the injuries you gave me!” Feng Qi said fiercely.

“You still owe my parents an apology.” Fang Xiaonuan deliberately kept a distance from Feng Qi. Her tone was indifferent, making her appear much more stable.

“Hmph, let them wait! What father said was very clear. He won’t let me do something that would hurt the Ji family’s reputation. They would only suffer. Fang Xiaonuan, I’m warning you. You have to know your place in the Ji family. Don’t dream of things that don’t belong to you!” For the first time, Mayor Ji’s words to Feng Qi were useless. After two days of constant goading from Lin Rou, Feng Qi stubbornly believed that Fang Xiaonuan was a scheming woman. Not only had she bewitched her father-in-law, but she had also brainwashed her husband.

“Then you’ll have to wait and see. I’ll take care of it properly.” Fang Xiaonuan smiled and walked quickly to the restaurant.

During these two days, Mayor Ji and Ji Lingchen had a tacit understanding to go home early. Ji Lingchen wished he could run home as soon as he got off work. He did not dare to mute his phone, afraid that his little wife would stir up trouble again.

Feng Qi was the last to arrive at the restaurant. She saw that everyone was washing their hands. Only Fang Xiaonuan picked up her chopsticks and started eating without waiting for Old Master Ji to move his chopsticks. Taking this opportunity to stir up trouble, Feng Qi said, “Fang Xiaonuan, don’t you know the rules? You have to wash your hands before eating, and you have to wait for the elders to move their chopsticks before you can. Didn’t your parents teach you this?”

“Sister-in-law, are you speaking like this because your wounds have almost healed and now you’ve forgotten about the pain?” Fang Xiaonuan put down her chopsticks and looked up at Feng Qi.

It would have been better if she had not mention it, but Feng Qi’s anger could not be controlled once she mentioned it. She stood up and pointed at Fang Xiaonuan’s nose, her tone full of unbearable anger. “Fang Xiaonuan, you’re simply shameless. I’ll tell you today. In the Ji family, there’s no me, there’s no you!”

“Sister-in-law, are you old and muddle-headed, or are you going through menopause early? If you’re not feeling well, hurry up and see a doctor. Don’t delay. What’s more, don’t be so angry. Your anger will hurt your body. Don’t be so angry that you’ll ruin yourself. If you do that, you’ll lose more than you gain.” When it came to bickering, Fang Xiaonuan had never lost to anyone in her entire life!

Fang Xiaonuan’s words made Feng Qi self-conscious. It was not easy for two men to interrupt a war between women, especially Mayor Ji. He just watched as his wife was humiliated every time she picked on Fang Xiaonuan. It was as if he hated his wife for failing to meet his expectations. However, Feng Qi did not learn her lesson.

Just as Feng Qi was about to retort, Old Master Ji, who was sitting at the head of the table, spoke up.


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