Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Elusive Reluctance to Part

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“That’s good, Nuannuan. If anyone bullies you again, you can hit them back. My brother says that self-defense is not illegal!” He Lili handed Fang Xiaonuan a tissue and patted her shoulder.

Fang Xiaonuan’s mood improved a lot. She nodded to her best friend and forced a smile.

He Lili said, “If you’re upset, you should just cry! You have no idea that your forced smile is even uglier than your crying face.”

That night, He Qun went home from work. He deliberately put his coat over his arm. He Qun looked decent, and he was full of righteousness. He looked like a meticulous person, but when he was with He Lili, he always had a friendly smile on his face.

Being around He Lili had really made Fang Xiaonuan feel at ease. The attentive Fang Xiaonuan noticed the coat over He Qun’s arm. She thought, ‘He does not need his coat right now, but he’s carrying it with him.’

Only when she saw He Qun’s hands did Fang Xiaonuan realize that he was deliberately using the coat to cover something in his hands.

When He Lili walked over, Fang Xiaonuan reminded her, “Look at what your brother is holding under his coat!” When He Lili heard this, she took the clothes from her brother’s hands, catching him off guard.

Then, He Qun quickly used the clothes to cover what he was holding again. He asked, “Little gluttonous cat, do you want a drink?”

“My brother is the greatest!” He Lili smiled and her eyes sparkled. Her brother doted on her and gave her whatever she wanted.

He Qun looked at Fang Xiaonuan, and a trace of unpredictability flashed in his eyes. “Sugar-free, don’t worry. You guys have fun. I’ll get going now.”

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He Lili took the milk tea and pulled Fang Xiaonuan back to her room. The two of them chatted happily.

When she was with He Lili, Fang Xiaonuan forgot that she was already married. Everything seemed to be the same as before. She was still the daughter of the Fang family, the precious treasure that the Fang family cherished in their hearts, the eldest daughter of the Fang family that no one dared to provoke. She did not need to restrain her temper, and she did not need to suppress her anger.

She liked her freedom to begin with. She did not like being confined to a bedroom that was only dozens of square meters wide so that she would not get into another argument. When she was with her best friend He Lili, Fang Xiaonuan forgot all her worries and chatted with her until it was late.


However, Fang Xiaonuan did not know that the Ji family was looking everywhere for her.

Ji Lingchen realized that he could not wait any longer, so he called his subordinates and asked them to focus on the Ji family and start looking for Fang Xiaonuan. He then called his best friend for help.

Ye Mubai, who was about to go to sleep, received a call from his best friend. “What? Who’s Fang Xiaonuan? You’re Married? F*ck, my brother is married, and I didn’t know? What’s the situation now? Did you lose your wife?”

His string of questions gave Ji Lingchen a headache. He changed from his usual cold demeanor and patiently replied, “I’m married. Fang Xiaonuan is my woman. She’s lost now.”

“Wait, let me pinch myself. Am I dreaming?” Ye Mubai acted like he heard a big joke. He could not come back to his senses for a long time. He simply could not believe it.

Ji Lingchen said, “I’ll give you three seconds to wake up. Get up immediately and help me look for her.”

Ye Mubai was so shocked that he fell off the bed. He now knew that he was not dreaming. His good friend had secretly gotten married. Not only did he get married, but his wife was nowhere to be found.

Thus, a few minutes after Ji Lingchen hung up, his cell phone was flooded with calls from his good friends who were living abroad. They all called to ask, “Lingchen, I heard from Mubai that your wife ran away with someone right after you got married?”

Ji Lingchen knew that Ye Mubai’s big mouth would cause him trouble. If he was not so anxious, he definitely would not have told him about this.

“Brother, logically speaking, that wouldn’t happen to you! Your charm isn’t too bad. Why did your wife run off with someone else right after you got married?”

Ji Lingchen took a deep breath. “If I didn’t need Ye Mubai now, I would definitely sew his mouth shut!” No, he would just use a strong medicine to poison him!

“I’m not angry, I’m not angry. As your good friend, I’ll go back and accompany you right now.” Murong heard that his good friend’s wife had run away with someone else and immediately decided to check in with Ji Lingchen.

At this time, good friends needed to be by his side so they could accompany him through this period of darkness.

Murong decided to go help, and so did three of Ji Lingchen’s other friends. They all claimed that they wanted to help, but in reality, they just wanted to see what kind of woman could make the great Ji Lingchen settle down.


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