Love After Marriage, He Got A Free Wife

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Holding Back Isn’t Important Anymore

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“Your acting is really mediocre.” Ji Lingchen still had a faint smile on his face, and his tone of voice was hard to understand.

Fang Xiaonuan ignored him and went to change. When she finished burning the incense for her mother-in-law and returned to her room, Fang Xiaonuan suddenly called out to Ji Lingchen. “Shall we talk?”

“Why? Did your family already ask you to speak with me?” Ji Lingchen asked with interest.

Fang Xiaonuan was a little surprised. “My family?”

Ji Lingchen was a little puzzled. Could it be that the Fang family did not tell Fang Xiaonuan about the materials?

Ji Lingchen turned the tables and asked, “What do you want to talk to me about?”

“Two things. First, when we return, you have to put on an act with me. Don’t let my parents find out that we don’t get along. That’ll make them worry. If my parents find out that the two of us hate each other, they will definitely ask me to get a divorce. This will go against your father’s wishes. Although I don’t know how your father forced you to get married, once I argue for a divorce, I think you’ll have a hard time. Second, I’m not on good terms with your sister-in-law. We’ll move out. Continuing to stay here will worsen the internal conflicts in your family. Of course, if we move out, I know that you won’t return home at night. However, even if you go to the brothel and get arrested by the police, since I’m still your wife on paper, I’ll personally go and get you. Furthermore, if you move out, no one will be able to say anything about whatever you want to do privately with Miss Lin. If necessary, I will also cover for you. In short, these two solutions are beneficial to us and won’t cause us any harm, as long as you agree.”

Ji Lingchen sized up his wife and said, “Fang Xiaonuan, what makes you think that I will agree to it?”

“Because these two solutions don’t do you any harm. Do I still need to give you time to think about it?” Fang Xiaonuan deliberately turned things around again and spoke very confidently.

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Ji Lingchen suddenly approached Fang Xiaonuan, and she subconsciously stepped back. “Just say it directly whether you agree or not. Why are you walking towards me?”

Ji Lingchen said, “You’re too short. You don’t deserve to negotiate with me.”

Fang Xiaonuan lowered her head and looked at her own legs. She was not very short, but she appeared a little short in front of Ji Lingchen. “If you don’t agree, then fine. There’s no need for a personal attack!”

This was the first time Ji Lingchen was showing Fang Xiaonuan a knowing smile. It was as if he was happy that he had won the argument. It was a sincere smile that made him a little happy. After realizing what he had done, Ji Lingchen’s face immediately turned cold.


He coughed lightly and took his suit jacket out.

“Hmph! Wearing a jacket in the middle of the summer. I’ll strangle you to death, you idiot. I’ll let you call me short,” Fang Xiaonuan shouted indignantly.

When Ji Lingchen left the house, he saw the butler waiting at the door. “Young master, the master has something important to tell you.”

“If it’s important, I don’t want to talk about it now. If it’s not important, then we’ll talk about it.” Ji Lingchen said. He was in a rare good mood and he said that knowing it would cause dissatisfaction. He swaggered out the door and got into the car. He still seemed to be in a good mood as he looked at the jacket he was holding. Then, he threw the jacket he meant to wear to one side.

When Old Master Ji heard his own son’s exact words, he was furious. “Unfilial son! You never make things easy for me!”

Ji Lingchen had been living on his own since he was a teenager. The father and son had gradually drifted apart due to their different views on certain matters. Apart from their unalterable blood relationship, the two of them were like a pair of strangers.

The butler said, “Master, calm down. That’s just the young master’s personality. There’s nothing we can do.”

Ji Lingchen had already gotten used to being alone. He did not need other people to care about him, nor did he need the warmth of a family. These were things that he, who had been living alone ever since he was young, could not change for the time being.

“Forget it, forget it. I shouldn’t have let him live alone outside in the first place.” Old Master Ji sighed deeply. He turned around and looked at the scenery through the window. He seemed a little desolate.

The butler said, “Master, don’t blame yourself. You are not to blame for what happened back then.”


Ji Lingchen returned to the company. His assistant immediately entered the office. “CEO Ji, why are you in such a hurry to come back to work? Aren’t newlyweds supposed to go on a honeymoon?”

Ji Lingchen continued, “Has anyone from the Fang family contacted you?”

The assistant said, “No. Could it be that you really want to buy over the Fang family?”

Ji Lingchen was very confused. He did not understand why the Fang family had not contacted him. Shouldn’t the Fang family be using his identity to ask the Ji family for materials?

“Did the Fang family use our company’s name to buy raw materials from other companies?” This was the only emergency plan that Ji Lingchen could think of.


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