My Enchanting System

Chapter 416 Hunting a dragon

CRACKLE! Just before the breath could hit her, [Thunder step] Selena flashed away with a thunderclap and appeared behind the dragon swinging her claw.

The dragon twisted its torso and smacked her with his wings sending her flying but not before getting hit with her claws and having another wound up his tail.

Thud! Selena landed on her legs with lightning crackling from the golden spots on her fur and her eyes. A low growl can be heard as she prowled around the dragon from a distance.

‘We weren’t able to reach Furberg directly, that white mage was protected by something that we didn’t know. We had to take a different approach.’

The dragon leaped backward and lifted its front claws. [MILF’s Acid arrows] ‘This spell was created by Morena the necromancer, let’s see you dodge it.’

The massive acid arrows that were the size of javelins flew toward Selena at a blinding speed.

Thud! The tiger chieftain leaped in front of Selena swinging his spear. BAM! Using all his might, he swung at one of the arrows deflecting it. Thud! ROAR! Roaring loud enough to quake the ground he spun the spear deflecting the other two arrows.

“I’ve been wondering who was leaving acid all around the forest, don’t harm the forest you hunt from!” The tiger chieftain roared in anger. The dragon was hunting in the forest, which was normal; the bad part was him ruining it.

“KILL HIM!” The lion king shouted and all the present beast people raged, this was the badger village, most people are honey badger demi-humans.

As the lion king’s wives pulled their bows and spear and started throwing at the dragon, the badgers rushed in barehanded. Their claws and fangs were all they needed.

The dragon raged flapping its wings, as almost all the badgers got flung away. The dragon couldn’t believe seeing some half-dead badgers still clinging to his flesh with their teeth.

“Get off of me!” The dragon roared as he transformed back onto his humanoid form.

A badger rushed at him with a claw strike, the dragon easily caught it and pierced the badger’s torso. SLAP! Even though he was dying, the badger swung his claw again at the dragon’s face scratching him.

“Leave him to me-gaw!” Selena leaped in her human form and punched the dragon in the face smacking him on a tree.

“Why did you come here?” The dragon yelled punching Selena in the face.

Selena wasn’t fazed and bite one of his fingers off. The dragon pulled back and opened his jaw to breathe acid at her. She quickly twisted her torso with an uppercut to his jaw causing the breath to fire into the air.

As acid rain from the sky, the badgers run to take shelter under trees while still collecting arrows and bows to fight from range.

“Get away from me!” The dragon kicked Selena in the guts as hard as he could. He could feel his bones rattle, she was as hard as some dragons which scared him.

HP: 487/504 => 452/504

[Thunder Step] Selena flashed right back at him in an instant and swung her claws at his neck. She can’t go for a head bite without weakening him further, it would be bad if he transformed in her mouth.

The dragon caught her claw and tried to swing his fist at her.

ROAR! The tiger chieftain leaped in with his spear impaling the dragon’s hand, “Don’t ignore me you lizard!”

The dragon clenched his forearm muscles causing the spear to snap in half. The tiger chieftain retaliated by pulling Selena away from the dragon and swinging a fist at him.

“Get out of my way!” The dragon punched the tiger chieftain away and transformed back to his draconic form.

The moment he got bigger, the lion king and his wives leaped at him. Some biting at his tails, wings, and even legs while the lion king himself went for the throat.

“ROAR!” The dragon roared as it got serious, his wings started flapping like a dragonfly. The sheer impact of the wings was enough to smash four of the lion king’s wives and cost him a leg.

The dragon took to the sky, those ground-bound ants shouldn’t reach him that high.

The dragon’s plan was to cause the lion king to fight the tiger chieftain, control the winner and then rule the whole place. With time they can get on friendly terms with the black jaguars whom Cain seemed to befriend. They can later use that connection to send assassins in secret or investigators to discern what was happening.

If brute force didn’t work, dragons were willing to change their strategy as to them, only results matter. What they didn’t expect was that one of Cain’s wives would appear there, he has been intentionally working away from the jaguars to avoid that. Who is the stupid Buffon who went all the way to the jaguars’ village and delivered the news?

The dragon didn’t know, it was just a lion named Gadanfar who only delivered the news of the lion king fighting the tiger chieftain. If Gadanfar didn’t suggest that she should abandon Cain and marry the winner, Selena would have ignored the situation as none of her business.

‘Was it poor planning? Cleverness on their part or just plain luck? It could have been something else but they discovered our plan.’ The dragon thought this mission was a failure.

‘The king’s orders in case of failure is to wipe everyone and report back’ The dragon opened his jaw charging a massive acid breath accompanied by multiple acid spells like [MILF’s Acid Arrows] [Acid Splash] [Acid Rush] [Corroding flood]

Selena transformed into her jaguar form and started running toward the dragon.

‘No matter who you are, you can’t reach me this high up without wings’ The dragon thought.

THWACK! Selena’s hind legs caused the ground to shatter, big cats can always jump higher than you expect them.

[Berserker] Increase strength by half the highest stat for 1 second per level, the user can only focus on a single target and is incapacitated afterward.

Strength: 22=> 33 for 24 seconds.

That was more raw strength than Zaleria or Morena had, than what Chad has, and currently, more than what this black dragon has.

Selena’s massive body leaped into the sky reaching half the distance needed and then [Thunder Step] helped her cover the other half in a flash of lightning.

The dragon couldn’t believe it when the claws pierced his chest and neck. This cat has snatched him from mid-air as if he was a bird.

The two of them feel to the ground wrestling each other, Selena has abandoned her worries and started munching on the Dragon’s live flesh. Devouring every chunk she bites.

The dragon raging tried to bite her back but her flesh felt like tough leather to him. She was harder than he could bite which mean that her strength far surpassed his.

Eventually, Selena managed to get a bite on his neck and snap it in half. The badgers cheered as they thought the fight was over. Selena knew better. This isn’t the first dragon they fought.

Using her claws she tore the dragon’s chest open and ripped the heart and the organs out, she didn’t which one of them was the dragon’s special organ but pulling everything out must do the trick.

As she tore the dragon apart, dying the ground red with his blood. She started feeling sleepy. The backlash of berserker was hitting so she rested beside her prey rolled like a cat and fell asleep.

No one dared approach the sleeping monster or its prey, everyone knew better not to mess with someone who could hunt dragons.

“Agaruth didn’t return, we should count him dead as well.” A dragon reported to the dragon king.

The massive dragon has become numb to such news, how many of his kin have been slain in their conquest to see a single human?

“Forget it, I will go myself.” The dragon king stood ready to fight.

“That would be a bad idea old man, let’s me deal with him.” A human-looking woman said with an evil smile.

The dragon king stopped, carefully assessing the situation. “Can you do it?” He growled.

“I don’t know, all the dragons who said they can have ended up dying.” She replied.

“Very well, do what you want.” The dragon king said turning around.

“But my lord, sending your daughter is a bit…” The other dragon who was reporting earlier gasped. But went silent the moment the king glared at him.

“She wouldn’t have to go if you weren’t so incompetent!” The dragon king growled. “I have to deal with the elves, their mage has been wreaking havoc on our troops more than that human ever did.”

The dragon king remembered that laughing short mage kidnapping his dragons to use as her lab rats.

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