Origin Court: Accepting Disciples With A System

Chapter 226 Her?

Yang Lujia finished the test without a hitch. However, he almost gave up on the last part of the test if not for the additional willpower that he had currently incurred. Yang Lujia had already accumulated willpower from his past life. However, they were not enough. In fact, some of his willpower back then was already suppressed in the depths of his heart.

It was his long-forgotten emotions that kept him up to his toes when he went against his father's deeds and sent him to prison himself. Although he had been like his father in the past due to his upbringing, he knew that he could not continue acting like that.

Regret was the most torturous intangible thing in the world. It was something that would keep you up at night. It was something that would taste bitter when it was supposed to be sweet.

He had realized that he was already devoid of compassion for another human. If not for what happened to her, he would have changed and should have become a kinder man. However, life could sometimes, if not often unpredictable.

Sighing, Yang Lujia could only continue on the path that he had trodden on. "I wonder what the next test will be…"

On the outside of the realm created by his father's array formation, the Red Qilin and the others stared at Yang Lujia in shock. In fact, they felt very nervous at every moment when Yang Lujia's body would slightly waver in the previous test. Astonishingly, he remained standing and did not even kneel like before.

Yang Jinhai, on the other hand, was surprised. "It looks like my test managed to increase his willpower." He then revealed a satisfied smile. "He is truly talented… even more, talented than I imagined him to be. I also don't know why… but there's something in his body that he seems to be intentionally hiding."

No matter what it was, if it could only be beneficial to his son and not something detrimental to his future, he would let it be. If it was otherwise, he would make whoever gave this to his son pay a heavy price…

"Your Highness, I thought you wouldn't help him even when he's in grave danger?" his servant asked all of a sudden.

Yang Jinhai woke up from his stupor and laughed at himself. It seemed like he still could not calm his fatherly love even though he decided to let his son brave all the dangers himself.

"From what I can see, Your Highness, His Little Highness' real stage is the void. The Five Realms is simply too weak for him… His strength had already reached to the point that he could be said to be unrivaled…"

"Do not underestimate those fellows working under that man…" Yang Jinhai said solemnly. "Even I had a hard time fighting them. This Five Realms World… I'm afraid… this world is not as simple as it looks… If the Nether Universe is strong, the Five Realms might be stronger than them…"

Afterward, Yang Lujia was sent to a place where there was finally tranquil. He was already standing on a field of grass—which could be said to be endless. It was like a desert that you could not see the end of it, not unless you had a map or a navigator with you.

There could also be endless trouble here. That was what he was feeling.

Although looking ragged because of the earlier test, Yang Lujia decided to toughen himself up and sat down in a lotus patiently. What he learned from the previous test was that—he should not let his impatience get the worst of him.

When Yang Lujia finished stabilizing himself, he turned to glance around in every direction of the place he was sent to. He could actually not see through anything. Moreover, it seemed like his mental perception was limited to a radius of a meter.

"What is this kind of test? How can I complete it?" Yang Lujia pondered, not getting impatient over the matter. However, after almost two hours, even after racking his brain into thinking of any method to complete the test, he could not think of anything feasible for his present situation.

He was getting impatient. However, he knew that getting impatient would lead him nowhere.

Moreover, this was just the White Tiger's test, who knew how rigorous the other tests of the older beasts would be?

Sighing, he could only leave it up to fate. However, he was still determined to surpass his father's talent and strength. It was that same feeling he had with his father on Earth. That was why he thought he was bound to do this.

Continuing on his path, he walked and walked. However, there was nothing peculiar he could find. Only the light breeze of the wind that swayed the green grasses could be felt and seen. Nothing, in particular, could arouse his curiosity. He did not even know how this became a test of sight.

"Am I going in the right direction?" Yang Lujia asked, feeling skeptical of his thoughts.

After all, he had been walking for hours but he could not even see the end of the place yet.

"Why is he not using his purple eyes?" Yang Jinhai was baffled. "Could it be that he forgot or he didn't really know the true capabilities of his eyes?"

"It seems like it's the latter, Your Highness," the servant replied. "We haven't informed him of his eyes' capabilities yet neither are we obligated to. However, he's still young. He's still bound to explore its capabilities."

Yang Jinhai couldn't help but agree with what his servant said. He then sighed and looked at his son in the realm where he was sent to. "His talent is really monstrous. I couldn't imagine that at the age of 20, he had already reached the realm which I could not in the past. A son is really bound to surpass his father."

Although the quote was overused in a sense, they could still not help but comment on the same thing every time.

The Red Qilin, on the other hand, said something to Yang Jinhai that surprised the latter. "Master, I noticed something from your son."

The Red Qilin was someone whose real body had the same strength as him or just slightly weaker. Therefore, Yang Jinhai wouldn't dare underestimate the views of this very large beast. It was the same for the Black Tortoise who had outlived almost everyone in the void and the people in every world.

"There's something in his soul that made me feel scary… Moreover… he almost managed to destroy the core of the array formation when he spoke something… is it that power? That power was from that group of people who use just their words to defeat their enemies without even lifting their hands… That group of people who were born with very strong souls? That's what Old Black told me…"

"This…" Yang Jinhai was astonished. He did not expect his son to inherit something like that. If it would prove to be that his soul was very strong—abnormally strong than others—then it could only be those people's bloodline.

"Your Highness, I know that I'm being rude but it seems like this soul can be inherited by a person. Could it be that it was his—"

"No need to utter any word," Yang Jinhai said as his face turned solemn. "It seems like I have to hide this fact. When I have the opportunity, I will personally conceal the power of his soul; lest that group of people would think he was one of them… even she… she did not even acknowledge them as her own… they were simply…"

"This…" The Red Qilin was shocked. He could not imagine that there was actually someone that His Highness would be extremely wary of… and it seemed like they were those people that Old Black said. "I apologize for my rudeness, Your Highness."

He knew that he crossed a step that should have not been crossed. Thus, he pretended to not hear anything and instead looked at Yang Lujia. However, he could not get over the fact that Yang Lujia was a fusion of two extremely strong bloodlines… bloodlines that did not belong in the list of the strongest 3,000 bodies and bloodlines.

"Let's just continue to watch…" Yang Jinhai replied, his eyes darting at his son. "It seems like I can't leave just yet. Old Red and Little White, you make sure you knock him unconscious. I want to personally tend to his soul. I don't want those people to use him as a card against her."

"Yes, Your Highness!" the two beasts immediately replied, despite the White Tiger not getting anything at all.

When the Red Qilin saw the expression of the White Tiger, he was extremely helpless. This fellow was really something. He could only attribute this ignorance to the White Tiger's age.

"Good. Now, let's just watch him take all the tests. I'll be in the background and you, the five beasts, continue to supervise him—if he ever passes every test I made for him," Yang Jinhai said as he faded away with his servant.

When the two beasts tried to probe into their surroundings, they were filled with amazement. Yang Jinhai, His Highness, was really something. With their cultivation levels, they could still not see through him. They even wondered how strong His Highness had become after all those years.

Meanwhile, Yang Lujia's patience seemed to be almost up.

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