Prodigy With Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System

Chapter 212 Why Do Retarded Human Males Want Harem?

Waking up, Allen noticed that he was currently naked with Iris at his side. Both of them didn’t have any clothes as their clothes were currently littered on the floor.

Allen remembered that both he and Iris had a wild night. He didn’t regret waking up from his dream since he could now spend time with his lover whenever and wherever he wanted to.

Not to mention feeling Iris’ love for him every day that they spent time with each other, he could also make love to her almost anytime he wanted to. He wasn’t ashamed to show his perverted and lustful nature to her and she seemed to be fine with it.

Iris didn’t mind Allen’s lust towards her since she was glad that he was only perverted towards her but not to others. Moreover, she was glad that Allen never got tired of her and that he didn’t start a harem despite his capabilities to do so.

Allen knew about Iris’ thoughts and he didn’t mind showing her how much he loved her. For him, he didn’t need a harem since he loved Iris so much to the point he didn’t need another girl to tend to his needs.

‘Why did those harem protagonists from harem novels ever want more girls? Having one girl is more than enough and not to mention, I am satisfied with every night I have with Iris.’

‘Not to mention, I am sick of reading those harem fanfictions where the main protagonist kept on adding girls to his harem as if they were collectibles. Those harem protagonist treats women as if they were their sex toys which I despise.’

Allen didn’t know why a lot of retarded human males wanted a harem so much. Well, he didn’t mind about them but what bothered him were those protagonists of harem fanfictions.

One should know that when something became fiction such as an author writing a novel, then it would create a new possibility, therefore creating a new multiverse. So novels and fanfictions, in a sense, were reality but in another multiverse.

And if those shitty harem novels and fanfictions that he had read were real, then that’s fucked up!

Allen swore to himself that if those shitty harem protagonists ever stepped into his world and universe, he will be the first to greet them with his Bloody Chains Of Death Reaping. He also swore that he wouldn’t become like them, which was impossible since he loved Iris and he didn’t want to cheat her.

With those thoughts in his mind, Allen caressed Iris’ silky hair as he smiled when he marveled at her sleeping face. Even if she was sleeping, her beauty was still preserved.

He would never forgive himself if he ever harmed her or made her hate himself. He knew that he was supremely lucky to have Iris as his lover and he knew that she also had the same thoughts.

And to keep Iris as safe as possible, he needed to become stronger. Only when he became a Supreme Being could he assure that she would be safe in the Katake Multiverse.

Resolving himself to become stronger, Allen cleaned both himself and Iris using his <<Aura Of Cleanliness>>.

Using his <Supreme Fashionista> talent, he snapped his fingers as both of them were clothed in their former clothes. Their previous clothes that were littered on the floor were within the range of his <<Aura Of Cleanliness>> so it was as clean as they could be.

After dressing both him and Iris, he kissed Iris’ cheek, arranged her blanket, tucked her in, and left her room. He wanted to spend more time with her but unfortunately, he didn’t have a system that allowed him to get stronger by doing nothing so he had to get stronger through hard work.

Not that Allen minded since it was more fulfilling if he got stronger through hard work and not because of some soul parasite. That way, he would have the right to become arrogant and prideful since he earned his power by himself.

With his <Supreme Humility>, it was easy to be humble and prevent himself from becoming too arrogant and prideful. He understood that he shouldn’t be too arrogant and prideful since it was without a doubt that there would always be someone stronger than him.

Even Seref didn’t claim that he was the strongest despite being at the Universe Realm Peak Stage power level. So how could he dare to be that arrogant when wasn’t even at Universe Realm?

With that thought in his mind, Allen headed to his room to plan for his next course of action.


“System, give me a description of the Trade Feature.”

Allen asked the system to give him information about the Trade Feature reward that he had received from completing the Hidden Main Task. Since he had already used his wish reward and absolute ability upgrade reward, the only reward left was the Trade Feature reward.


[Okay, host.]

[The trade feature, as its name suggested, it basically allowed the members of the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group to trade with each other. Whether it be skills, experience, information, artifacts, and items, there are no limits to what you can trade. It can also be called the Gift Feature since it allows trading where one of the traders doesn’t give anything and just receives the other trader’s goods.]

With the trade feature, Allen could now trade anything with his fellow chat group members. He knew that he could receive useful items and artifacts from his chat group members’ worlds and that was why he was glad that he had unlocked this feature.

“System, if I steal the <Supreme> talent along with the <Supreme> ability of a Supreme using my <Supreme Thief> and <Supreme Plunderer>, can I store it in my inventory and trade it to the members of the chat group?”

Allen asked the system since he wasn’t sure whether that was even possible.

If it was possible, then he wouldn’t have to let his chat group members cause trouble in his world since he can just give them the <Supreme> talents that they wanted.

After Allen asked that question to his system, he immediately received a reply from the system.

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