Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

Chapter 372 Agatha's Past


Various skeletons and zombies were walking around, constantly cleaning up the debris and the ruins across the city with the help of some of the citizens that wanted to help. The majority were tired as they had been running away and fighting the ghoulish infected citizens for a while, so not many could give a hand in these times. The people was originally frightened of Undead at some point, but I have become such a prominent figure here as a Necromancer in such a short amount of time, that they were already getting used to “good” Undead risen by Necromancers, who lacked monstrous instincts and were very tame and serviceable.

Skeletons and zombies politely helped the people, even rescuing some of the folks that had been trapped in the debris and ruins of the destroyed houses that the entire commotion caused. Of course, there were still casualties. Julia has yet to calculate but she knew. But I had already counted over twenty dead bodies. Their spirits roaming around, but they had been dead for too long for a full revival, and most of their bodies were in terrible conditions. I could make them Undead, but it simply wouldn’t be the same. I had asked Emeraldine to unleash rays of holy light around the city while I transferred her my MP, so she was able to slowly exorcize the souls roaming around

Of course, that wasn’t the case for the Vampires, all their bodies were grabbed by me alongiside their souls. I decided to not eat their souls though, as I am quite the benevolent woman, and decided to raise them as Undead. They had already been risen and made to fight Beowulf, but he easily beat them down. I raised them a second time after repairing their bodies through [Undead Healing] at Level 10, which has an amazing regeneration power over the dead. After that, I put their souls back to their bodies without any specific order, so some guys might have ended in girl’s bodies and vice versa. I didn’t cared, forced gender bending for all of you for being evil guys!

After that, I put them inside my shadows so the people wouldn’t panic by seeing the Vampire Zombies, who lost their weakness to the sunlight after turning into Undead for some reason. This also includes Catarina. I had also decided to make Beowulf into a Vampire Werewolf Zombie, or a Zompirewolf! But his soul was very weakened and damaged, and I saw that he was pretty much broken into a retarded monster, so I had to heal his mind a little bit. Although I am still angry at the bastard, he was simply another victim, I won’t destroy his soul but I will slowly heal his mind and then make him repent by working for us, kind of like what I did with Catarina and the other two Fire Ghosts.

Ahaha, and about Agatha… I ate her. I kind of ate her out of desperation. But I don’t know if I would had kept her alive. I didn’t had much of a personal grudge against her or anything, she kind of showed up and threatened everybody. But still, she treated Julia very badly, so I guess she deserved such an end. Well, her soul simply became part of mine, which granted me her memories. Her past was quite turbulent. I saw she used to be a serf girl whose village was attacked by bandits. She escaped and survived in the wild after seeing her house and her family being burned alive. Quite the harsh childhood…

After that she kind of wandered about, slowly growing stronger and learning ways to steal and kill to survive. Eventually, she was found out by the vampires. Her obsession over wearing other people’s faces is quite sickly, but comes from her own appearance, as she was born with a deformed face that made her look hideous. Her corrupt heart grew even darker as she was recruited by the Vampires, letting loose of all her hatred and resentment against life and the world, she envied those who lived in luxury and had nice lives, so she hated Julia a lot, and came here after being offered such a job. She used to wear the faces of her victims as a hobby, and loved to manipulate life through the usage of toxins and even diseases she created.

After growing strong enough, she became one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an Elite of four incredibly strong Vampire Lords that directly serve the Vampire Progenitor. The bad thing is that I wasn’t able to get all memories. It is often impossible to get them all to be honest, even more because the Vampires inflicted a curse into her soul, so when I ate her, the memories of her soul began to fragment and darken. No matter how hard I try to inspect further into the identity of this Vampire, or about their hideouts, I can’t find anything conclusive, and only small clues at most.

The leader probably knows I have some sort of ability to read minds or something, so he decided to inflict this curse into his subordinates so I wouldn’t be able to learn more about him or anything regarding this entire conspiracy that Vampires have with the entire Kingdom. Agatha’s past was interesting to learn, but the things she had done to so many innocent people made it hard for me to even pity her, she had gone way too low at this point to redeem herself, more than Beowulf or Catarina, or any of the other Subordinate Vampires.

I wonder if the other three Horsemen left are just as monstrously strong and also as scarred with terrible pasts… This is not just unique of Agatha, probably many children have been suffering their entire lives. A harsh world filled with poverty, dangerous monsters, bandits, and the corruption of a government that only see commoners and serfs as trash… Life’s harsh for everybody.

I guess this is why I am putting my hopes so much into Julia, she’s a rare case of one of these members of such a corrupt government who has empathy over those below her. I think she might be the key for a brighter future. I have to protect her.


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