SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Chapter 363 Grudge


Even Freya had her limits. I had just said it was enough for just me to bring transport their backup.

Even if Teleportation Magic was possible in a group, it was too difficult for her to believe that a single Magic User—especially a young one like myself.

Still, my earlier efforts to earn her goodwill weren’t in vain.

“I am also willing to have an escort from your end to accompany me, so they can monitor my activities. Surely, I wouldn’t do anything as foolish as going against a representative of yours in your own Kingdom.”

Freya’s eyes faltered. She was calmly analyzing my words, no doubt.

‘Shall we wrap this up?’

“For the future prosperity of our races, as well as a more efficient means of handling the current challenge that faces us, I humbly ask that you consider my suggestion.”

After all, even though the Elves were trying their hardest to hide it, they also knew the truth.

‘Time is of the essence!’


“Fine. We’ll go along with your suggestion, Jared Leonard.”

After a great deal of silence, deliberation, and counter-deliberations, Freya finally cracked. But, even with that—

“However, I shall personally accompany you to monitor your activities, and just how you plan on bringing them all here.”

—She still gave conditions.

“Fair enough. I understand, Princess.”

Freya smiled at me, and then turned to our leader—Fabian the Prince—to continue their conversation.

“Now, then, where were we?”

Even though Freya was now looking at Fabian, he too must have known at this point. No, not just him. Everyone in the room had to have been aware.

That, the two who were actually conversing as representatives of their respective Race were Freya… and me!

As soon as the both of us finished our discussion, there was nothing left to be said by the likes of Fabian.

And so, even if no one officially said it, the meeting had already come to a close.


“THAT BITCH!” Fabian growled, seething with pure rage.

His eyes glowed with malice, and the look on our Prince’s face spoke volumes of his wounded pride.

“Who does she think she is? After we saved her from dying! After we helped with everything! She should just shut up and listen! Shit!”

Now that we were alone, Fabian was finally showing his true colors—revealing his emotions to his fellow humans.

He wasn’t worried about being heard since Damien had already coated the room with interference Magic.

That way, no one could hear what was going on in the Private Waiting Quarters they gave us.

Since Elves didn’t have Magic Technology, there was also no way the room would have been bugged.

Because of that, the Prince ran his mouth and openly displayed his frustrations.

It wasn’t just him who was annoyed, though.

Every member of our group had some sort of dissatisfaction written on their face. Well, except Maria.

I could also see it in Serah’s eyes that she too was a bit upset. For someone who reigned supreme, it must have been difficult to control herself when others looked down on her.

‘I’m surprised she controlled herself so well…’

“And you, Jared, what were you trying to do, uh? This is a diplomatic visit! You made our Kingdom look weak by acting all subservient like that! No wonder she was able to push us around despite how much merit we incurred!”

At this point, everyone looked in my direction. Not all of their eyes contained malice.

In fact, other than Damien and Fabian, the rest probably just needed a proper explanation.

“You were warned against insubordination, yet you interrupted the Prince’s efforts many times. Not only did you disgrace our group, but also the entire Kingdom. We will be seen as incoherent and docile, even though we are better in terms of power!” Damien Lawcroft spoke, glaring at me intensely.

The two idiots who spoke so grandly didn’t even do anything worth mentioning while saving the Elves.

Everything was due to Serah’s efforts in combination with mine.

I could have also handled everything myself, so there wasn’t much difference. Yet, they ran their mouths and tried to assume roles of importance.

The truth was that these two were merely extras. They were diplomatic symbols of the Eastern Kingdom, plain and simple.

I did have my plans going forward, but none of these two were pertinent to the mission, other than to do what they were told.

But, I didn’t have the time or energy to waste trying to make them understand. It was worth no merit to me.

‘I’ll just let them think what they want.”

As for their complaints about my actions, it was clear they only spoke out of spite. Anyone with eyes could see that the situation only improved anytime I chimed in.

It went to show the Prince’s incompetence, and that wasn’t my fault.

‘You can’t blame me for insubordination, when the leader is pathetic.’

I tried to give Fabian a chance, but he simply wasn’t qualified. To make everything run smoothly, I would just have to take over at some point.

‘Telling them will be a chore…’

So, I ignored their inquisition and addressed everyone present.

“Do not forget that I was the one who submitted this plan to his Majesty, and he approved. I will not ruin a plan that painstakingly made an effort to get approval for.”

My eyes focused on each of them, one after the other.

“I know what I am doing. I only ask that everyone trusts me.”

Serah. Ivan. Maria. Bradford.

As long as these four had their faith in me, that was more than enough.

“You know what you’re doing, eh? Fine. That’s fair enough…” Sarah finally spoke, staring at me with her ruby-like eyes.

I nodded with a faint smile.

“… Then, I hope you haven’t forgotten your promise to me concerning this trip.”

‘Ah, that one…’

“I’m not having fun, Jared. I’m being as considerate as can be, but… I have my limits.”

For a moment, I got a shiver upon hearing those words.

“All the more reason to hurry up with things.” I laughed slightly.

“Good. We’re all counting on you.”

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