The Elite Assassin Becomes a Flat and Ugly Nerd!

Chapter 21

Insufficient Balance

The students waiting in line at the back were still waiting, and the deductible machine kept beeping, “There’s not enough balance.” The cafeteria lady was also urging her, but Shan Yue could not fork out any money no matter what.

The world’s number one killer, Ling Yue, actually had a day where she was stumped by a mere four dollars and sixty cents? Shan Yue wanted to cry.

In the past, she had spent money like water and received millions or tens of millions of yuan from just a few missions. Therefore, she had never treated money as something very rare. It was only at this moment that she realized what it meant to be poor!

I have to get more money. Otherwise, I won’t be able to support my daily expenses!

Shan Yue made up her mind.

“Why don’t I return this meal…” Shan Yue scratched her head awkwardly.

Just as she was about to return the meal, her eyes suddenly caught sight of a familiar figure. She hurriedly shouted, “Shan Xing, Shan Xing!”

Since Shan Xing had spent all the money in the Host’s meal card, she would let Shan Xing pay for it! Shan Yue thought very simply.

However, Shan Xing only glanced back. When she saw that it was Shan Yue, she immediately revealed a disdainful and disgusted expression, as if she was afraid that someone would discover her relationship with Shan Yue. Shan Xing hurriedly left.

This biological sister was even more vicious than a stranger! Shan Yue was helpless. Fortunately, Shan Chen rushed over when he heard the sound and paid for Shan Yue.

After the two of them sat down with their plates, Shan Chen said with concern, “Sister, are you out of money for your meal card? Isn’t it only Monday today?”

Shan Yue sighed. “Shan Xing borrowed my meal card last time and used up all my money.”

“Ah, how could she do that?” Shan Chen frowned. Without thinking, he took out his meal card and handed it to Shan Yue. “Take mine and use it first.”

“What about you? You can’t starve.” Shan Yue didn’t take it.

“I can ask Mom for living expenses the day after tomorrow. You definitely can’t. She’ll definitely scold you for this,” Shan Chen explained.

He was used to Sun Ling’s attitude towards Shan Yue at home. It was obvious what would happen.

“Alright, then I’ll accept it. Thank you, brother.” Shan Yue didn’t decline anymore and smiled friendly at Shan Chen.

Since Shan Chen had such intentions, she could not be vague. Now that she had money, she had to bring Shan Chen to buy some good clothes. The clothes he was wearing had a few holes in them.


Shan Chen’s eyes curved into crescents. Now that he was used to seeing his sister’s appearance, he actually felt that Shan Yue looked quite good when she smiled. He joked, “Sister, if you really thank me, when you become rich in the future, you can bring your younger brother to live a good life.”

Shan Chen did not take his words seriously. However, Shan Yue agreed seriously. “Alright, it’s a deal. There’s no need for that in the future. I’ll bring you to live a good life after some time!”

After school in the afternoon, the two of them returned home together. As soon as they entered the house, Sun Ling eagerly came over to help Shan Chen carry his bag and put down his shoes. She had an amiable gaze and completely ignored Shan Yue’s existence.

Shan Chen was thinking about the meal card. After putting away his bag, he said to Sun Ling, “Mom, my living expenses are over. Give me some more.”

Sun Ling smiled until her face was full of wrinkles. She waved her hand and said, “Okay, okay, okay. Mom will bring it to you after I wash my hands!”

When she heard that it was Shan Chen who came to ask for living expenses, Shan Xing walked over suspiciously and deliberately said, “Isn’t there no money in Shan Yue’s meal card today? Shan Chen, why are you asking Mom for money?”

Hearing Shan Xing’s words, Sun Ling immediately became suspicious. She sized up Shan Chen, whose expression was starting to turn ugly. She pointed at Shan Yue and scolded, “I knew my Chenchen wouldn’t use his money so quickly! It must be you, you stupid pig. You spent all your money and cheated your brother off his living expenses, right?”

Shan Yue crossed her arms and did not reply. Instead, she looked at Shan Xing, who was almost clapping and cheering.

Shan Xing felt a little guilty, but she still chimed in, “Mom, she can’t spend money like this. She must have gone to buy snacks. She’s so fat because she ate snacks! We have to change her bad habit!”

How could she change it? Not give her living expenses and starve her to death? Shan Yue was so angry that she laughed.


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