The Elite Assassin Becomes a Flat and Ugly Nerd!

Chapter 26

Give Her A Million

Twenty minutes later, the Zhou family rushed over. As a result, Zhou Yang was successfully rescued and placed on a stretcher. Dozens of medical staff surrounded him and carried out emergency treatment.

At the last second before his consciousness disappeared, Zhou Yang was still holding the sleeve of the shirt that Shan Yue had written her bank account number on. He muttered, “Remember to transfer money to her… transfer money…”

The next day.

“So, you were saved by an ordinary high school girl. She tricked the killers who were after you and sent you to a safe place?” Zhou Xuan held Shan Yue’s personal information in his hand and said with a frown.

Zhou Yang had already woken up. Due to Shan Yue’s timely treatment, his wound did not worsen. After successfully saving him, he still had the energy to talk to Zhou Xian. “Uncle, don’t doubt me. She’s very powerful…”

As he listened to Zhou Yang’s nagging, Zhou Xuan carefully read through the personal information about Shan Yue again. She was 18 years old and in her third year of high school. Because of her obesity and poor grades, she was isolated by her classmates and was not valued at home.

Stroking the expensive ring on his hand, Zhou Xuan felt even more suspicious. No matter how he looked at it, Shan Yue was just an ordinary and even somewhat incompetent little girl. How could she have done the heroic deed of saving Zhou Yang?

Zhou Xuan could not see any traces of this information about Shan Yue, so he stopped studying it. He temporarily put this doubt aside and continued to listen to Zhou Yang.

“…So, she saved me and even left me her bank account number, but she didn’t say how much money she wanted me to give her. How much money should I give her?” Zhou Xuan told her about Shan Yue’s request to transfer money to her, his expression conflicted.

“You’re an adult. Decide for yourself,” Zhou Xuan said coldly.

Although he and Zhou Yang were very close by blood, the contrast between the two of them was huge.

In terms of appearance, although the two of them were very outstanding, Zhou Yang was a sunny and handsome boy, while Zhou Xuan’s facial features were deeper and more defined. He was cold and hard, revealing the charm of a mature man.

In terms of intelligence, Zhou Xuan was much more scheming. He grew up with Zhou Yang, but he was like a parent who thought about everything for Zhou Yang. When he was still underage, he took over the Zhou Corporation and managed it in an orderly manner. At the same time, Zhou Yang was still a young master who only knew how to be silly.


Until now, Zhou Yang was still a carefree person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped and almost killed while traveling outside.Zhou Xuan had the intention to train him, so he deliberately didn’t guide him and wanted him to think for himself.

“Hmm…” Zhou Yang pondered for a long time. He was worried that giving too much money would scare the child of an ordinary family like Shan Yue. If he gave too little money, he would not be able to express his gratitude.

“Then, I’ll give her a million yuan?” Zhou Yang looked at Zhou Xuan tentatively and asked.

Zhou Xuan did not give Zhou Yang any answer. He only waved his hand helplessly, indicating for Zhou Yang to go out and think on his own.

Recalling Shan Yue’s appearance when she left alone, Zhou Yang continued to nag, “She left in a hurry and didn’t listen to me carefully. I have to go to S City again and thank her in person!”

Zhou Xuan was very helpless against his unruly nephew. He said coldly, “The doctor instructed you to stay in bed and recuperate. Don’t move around. Have you forgotten? It won’t be too late to look for her after you recover!”

“I know, I know. Why are you so fierce?” Zhou Yang felt a little wronged. Seeing that Zhou Xuan seemed to be a little impatient, he quickly left.

When he was alone in the office, Zhou Xuan picked up another document on the table. The name on the cover was Ling Yue.

“The world’s number one killer, Ling Yue, died in the Federal Confidential Building a few days ago. Even her corpse was reduced to ashes. What a pity.” Zhou Xuan rubbed the space between his eyebrows and said with a regretful expression.

After flipping through Ling Yue’s thick stack of excellent resumes, the most eye-catching one was the “Top-notch medical skills”. Zhou Xuan sighed, and a hint of worry appeared in his eyes.

If even Ling Yue, the only person who could cure his father’s illness, was dead, where else could he find someone to save his father? Zhou Xuan’s head hurt even more.

For a long time, there was only a soft sigh in the large and empty office.


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