The Elite Assassin Becomes a Flat and Ugly Nerd!

Chapter 5

A Lamb to Be Slaughtered

Shan Xing sounded nice, but in fact, she couldn’t wait for Shan Yue to get out of school and stay away from her. It would be best if she went out of town to work and never came back.

In school, the stupid and ugly fat girl, Shan Yue, was the laughing stock of the entire school. Shan Xing lived every day in fear, afraid that others would discover that she and Shan Yue were biological sisters. If that happened, she would be implicated and mocked by others. That would be the end.

“Well, if your sister was half as understanding as you, I wouldn’t always be bullied!”

Sun Ling was very satisfied with her smart and obedient daughter, Dan Xing. She looked at her approvingly and turned to look at Shan Chen, who had not expressed his opinion from the beginning to the end. “Son, you think so too, right?”

However, in Sun Ling’s impression, her obedient son, Shan Chen, frowned and shook his head. “We can’t let Sister dropout of school.”

“What did you say?” Shan Xing turned to look at Shan Chen in disbelief, as if she suspected she had heard wrong.

Shan Xing thought that Shan Yue was an ugly and annoying fat pig. Shan Chen must be crazy to speak up for that freak!

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Shan Yue, who had always been uninvolved and did not treat herself as the person involved, also came back to her senses. She specially sized up Shan Chen a few more times and was a little surprised. This younger brother of hers actually spoke up for her? How strange.

“Why?” Sun Ling was also stunned. If it were Shan Yue or Shan An who opposed her, she would have flown into a rage long ago. However, facing this outstanding son, she was always willing to be very patient.

Under the gaze of the entire family, Shan Chen’s expression became a little unnatural for a moment. He could not help but look at Shan Yue, who was sitting at the side with an expressionless face. He continued, “Sister has the right to continue school. This is a federal rule. If others find out that our family made Sister drop out of school and report our family, there will be trouble.”

In this day and age, the laws enacted by the Federation were above all else. Shan Chen’s reasoning made perfect sense.

At the thought that she might be punished by the Federation, Sun Ling thought for a moment and hesitated. “But she’s so stupid. It’s a waste of money to continue studying. She might as well stay at home and work. She won’t have to go out and embarrass herself. It’ll save her effort…”

“Are you done discussing it?” Seeing that the situation had become sticky, Shan Yue completely lost her patience. She flicked the dust off her hands and said calmly, “No matter what you decide, I’ll continue to go to school. I’ll also earn my tuition fees myself. I won’t ask the family to pay for them. As part of the family, I’ll do all the housework that needs to be done. If it’s not my work, it’s useless for you to force me with a knife.”

She had always been clear about gratitude and grudges. She would not let go of anyone who treated her badly, but she would not owe them anything for treating her well.

Although Sun Ling had treated her badly, Sun Ling had raised the Host and even provided for her until now. Since she had taken over Shan Yue’s life, she would return the favor for her.

With that, Shan Yue got up and prepared to return to her room.

Seeing that Shan Yue had given her notice and was about to leave as if nothing had happened, Sun Ling didn’t take her words seriously at all. Now that she refused to do housework and openly resisted her, Sun Ling was instantly furious. She placed her hands on her hips and shouted fiercely, “Come back! If you don’t wash the dishes today, I’ll beat you to death!”

Sun Ling suddenly stood up and rushed to Shan Yue. She wanted to reach out and twist her arm, wanting to forcefully drag her to the kitchen. “If you want to rebel, I’ll teach you a lesson today…”

However, just as Sun Ling was about to pinch Shan Yue as usual, Shan Yue turned around and stared at her with a pair of cold and murderous eyes!

Shan Yue almost really wanted to kill her. She originally wanted to try her best to get along with the Host’s family and pretend that she didn’t hear those curses. However, if Sun Ling really dared to attack her, she wouldn’t be so polite anymore.

Keeping an eye on the movements of the surrounding people and staying vigilant was the basic cultivation of an assassin. The gaze just now was purely Shan Yue’s subconscious reaction. Unexpectedly, just a look from her scared Sun Ling.

Being stared at by such a pair of eyes filled with killing intent, Sun Ling inexplicably felt that she was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered at this moment, and Shan Yue was a butcher who could slash down at any moment. A butcher could kill a lamb at any time!

Why did this weak and useless fat girl, Shan Yue, suddenly reveal such a terrifying gaze? It was as if she was really considering whether to kill someone!


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