The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 512 - Going Up

Chapter 512: Going Up

Translator: Lonelytree

Lin Yuelan heard the commotion outside, frowned, and then walked out.

As soon as she went out, she saw the Yan family’s steward standing arrogantly beside a big-bellied man. His big face looked a little fat. However …

Steward Yan shouted at the door, “Lin yuelan, come out! My old master is here to see you!”

From his tone, it was as if his master was the boss of the world.

Lin yuelan felt that these people were crazy and ignored their barking.

But …

Steward Yan called out for a while. When he saw that she didn’t come out, he shouted again, ” Lin yuelan, are you afraid? You don’t even dare to show your face when you see my old master, right? ”

When Lin yuelan heard steward Yan’s provocative words, she frowned slightly. Then, she said to Lin Deshan and Doctor Zhang, “Grandfather, Grandmaster, I’ll go out and take a look.”

The two elders said angrily, “Girl, we’ll go out with you. What if these people wanted to use their power to bully you? Do they think you are a lonely and helpless child? Come, brother Zhang, let’s go take a look.”

“Mm, let’s go, Brother Lin!” Then, the two elders stood up and walked toward the door.

Lin yuelan, Jiang Zhennan, and the rest immediately followed behind.

“Lin yuelan, are you trying to be a coward …” Before steward Yan could finish his sentence, he widened his eyes and watched the two old men angrily walk out of Lin yuelan’s house. His imposing manner instantly faded, and he hid behind his master, Yan Lin.

To be honest, it wasn’t that the Yan family couldn’t offend these two people, but if they could avoid it, it was better not to offend them. One was a highly skilled doctor, and the other was the manager of Lin’s medicine shop in Ning An town.

Little did Steward Yan know that one of these two people was already Lin yuelan’s grandfather and had given the medicine shop to Lin yuelan to manage. The other was Lin yuelan’s Grandmaster. It was unknown whether this person was stupid or the information he received was too outdated, so he didn’t know all of this. He cursed Lin yuelan without care and offended her.

“I want to see which dog is barking in front of my granddaughter’s house!” Lin Deshan’s strong voice came from the gate.

Hearing Lin Deshan’s words, steward Yan was a little surprised. Yan Lin, on the other hand, was frowning and seemed to be a little confused.

Then, he went up to Lin Deshan and asked, ” shopkeeper Lin, what are you doing here? ”

There were very few people in Ning An town who didn’t know Lin Deshan. Therefore, it was normal for Yan Lin to know him.

Lin Deshan looked at Yan Lin and snorted. “Hmph, is it strange that I’m at my granddaughter’s house? ”

“Your granddaughter?” Yan Lin looked at Lin yuelan, who was standing behind Lin Deshan. “Are you talking about her?”

“That’s right!” Lin Deshan raised his head slightly. His attitude showed his dissatisfaction with Yan Lin. “what’s the matter? Do you have a problem with that? ”

Yan Lin was a little surprised to hear this answer.

He had heard from the servants that Doctor Zhang had taken Lin yuelan as his grand disciple, but he didn’t take this matter to heart. After all, Yan Lin was somewhat disdainful of Doctor Zhang.


It was because the Yan family looked down on the village’s doctors.

Even though Doctor Zhang’s medical skills were praised by the Lin family Village …

However, he had not received any news about how the Lin family Village’s jinx, Lin yuelan, had become Lin Deshan’s granddaughter.

Yan Lin suppressed the shock in his heart and immediately put on an obsequious smile. “It’s a misunderstanding. Shopkeeper Lin, please don’t be angry!” As he said that, he turned around and chided Steward Yan, ” are you blind? Can’t you see that shopkeeper Lin is at Lan’s house? ” Hurry up and apologize to shopkeeper Lin!” This was his dissatisfaction with steward Yan. He was secretly implying that steward Yan had failed in his duty by not telling him that Lin yuelan was Lin Deshan’s granddaughter.

But at the same time, there was still a big doubt in his heart. Lin yuelan was the granddaughter of Lin Laosan, so how did she become the granddaughter of Lin Deshan?

He had to figure it out later.

However, at this moment, in order to buy Lin yuelan’s family’s farming method, he had to lower his head and act humbly.

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