Versatile: Alternate World

Chapter 624 Army Of Three

My appearance at the back is in replacement of all the mages. Even the armored soldiers didn't expect the mages that were previously hanging out behind them are gone in an instant. Of course, it's not an instantaneous disappearance but hey, if they didn't know, they didn't know.

"Where are my mages? What is going on?!"

"Haha, why are you looking for them when I am here?" I pulled out the Versatile Weapon and slowly approach the armored soldiers. I know I have the surprise element before but because they are weak enough for me to handle, even if I just fight them barehanded, I will still win without a doubt.

"Attack! Kill that guy! Kill him!"

The armored angels immediately made their move and started heading to attack me. However, it's a matchup that is totally disadvantageous for them. The moment they are on my range, I transformed my Versatile Weapon into a gauntlet. To be honest, I am liking using the gauntlet fighting this guy. It was like experiencing a gang fight and manually beating up anyone who tries to beat you up except they are using swords and wearing armor.

A sword is coming down to get down to me which I immediately blocked by raising my right arm and letting the gauntlet parry it. Another one closes in on my side and was about to attack as well but I just grab his head using the gap of his helmet to keep my grasp full before slamming the head down to the ground with a grand slam that buries his head into the ground. And that has no skills added to me, just pure basic attack without any buffs added. I am just using the unorthodox way of fighting which is street fighting.

After dealing with the second guy, I returned my attention to the first guy who tried to attack me with his sword. By deflecting the sword, I kicked him in the abdomen, but since he is wearing armor, that kick didn't do anything to him that is not the case with the follow-up after he staggered a little bit.


The sound of the helmet caving in as my fist meets the helmet echoes and the poor guy was sent flying into the distance. Whatever happened to the poor guy, bless his soul. With every punch I made, the armor they wear felt like nothing but a bunch of scraps made into armor as they easily break through and get destroyed to pieces. No wonder my father likes punching and fighting using martial arts and unorthodox way of techniques in battle, this was indeed enjoyable enough.

After a few beatings, the soldiers that are just waiting to attack me are all frozen on their spot, not even daring to approach or fight me. The Castellan is now too angry as most of his people are already crushed or pierced by the golden chain and then there comes me who beats up the armored guys like nothing.


I then spotted Harmless Sparrow grin widely as she swings her sword with flames on the blade.


And chaos ensues as Sparrow started using one of the AOE skills, [Flames of the Dancing Embers] as she started showing her dance skills by moving the sword gracefully while hitting the enemies without fail. Every single guy dies and gets burned. Even if they wear armor, the flames of Harmless Sparrow's skills pack a lot of heat and there is no way a simple thin armor that is easily destroyed with a punch would last from flames.

Sigma also didn't stop decimating all of the guys that try to approach the fort, while for those who are leaving, I am the one they are facing and none of them has woken up ever since. I don't know if they have died or not, but that's none of my business.

In just a matter of minutes, the thousand troops that were there to make a siege on the rebel's village had been decimated by three people. In a span of that minutes, the Castellan only sits on his horse, still frozen to all of the violence that occurred that no one from his army survived. In the end, he was the only one left behind.

"Leaving the worst for the last huh? That's cool and all, but what makes him special anyways?" Harmless Sparrow flicks away the accumulated blood on her sword before facing the Castellan who is still pretty angry that his army of angels is just gone in the span of a few minutes after their arrival.

"What an absolute useless commander, he can't even fight alongside his army. Now come down your horse so that we can proceed to beat you up!"

The Castellan no longer can handle the trouble and decided to pull out his flute and start playing it. A few seconds later, a large firebird and a lion with electricity running on its body appeared. They are bigger than normal and they looked like mini-bosses.


I can only shake my head after seeing this. Now he relies on his pet? What about his prowess? Is he just totally useless?

The monsters obeyed his orders and the very first one they started to attack is Sigma who is using a ranged attack. It seems they are trained to deal with the weakest part of the enemies first before moving to those who are stronger in melee. They graciously evaded all of her chains and went straight to her. However, instead of moving, Sigma calls out two names.

"ALPHA, BETA. It's lunchtime."

The two monsters are just in the vicinity when two large mouths appeared behind Sigma and dived outside, swallowing the two monsters in one bite, instantaneously killing them before going back to their portal like that was nothing.

As for the Castellan, he was stunned. He tried to play the flute again but the monsters he called before did not appear again. For players, they will revive but for NPCs? It depends on how they died. Seeing that they were swallowed hole with a crunch by the pets of Sigma, I doubt they will come back again.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING?! WHERE ARE MY LEGENDARY PETS?! WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?!" the Castellan can only grab his hair and have a mental breakdown.

"Are you blind or are you just purposely avoiding it because you can't handle the truth? They died, that simple."


He then crushed a blue stone in his hands and he disappeared and teleported away.

"Ah sh*t, he ran away! Should we follow him to his residence?" Harmless Sparrow asked.

"Don't worry, I already placed a tracker at him before he realized it. We can just go and assassinate him anytime you guys wanted to. In fact, we can do it later at night if you guys wanted to," I then revealed my little map showing his location which he returned to his manor.

"Later then, we will have to see if there are any hidden stragglers nearby and clean up the mess of these dead bodies and if there are any survivors, just tie them up. We will ask Alain if he has any use for prisoners after this."

And so, the first declaration of war and the so-called "siege" that never really happened has finally been done. Casualties on the rebels' side? Zero. Casualties on the enemies' side? Except for their leader, all of them have fallen in battle with only a few who are brought alive as they managed to survive with fatal wounds and injuries in their bodies. The first actual win from the enemies without stalling time to tire out the enemies. You can say that this was their first-ever win ever since the rebels started their rebellion.




When we returned to the village, all of the villagers and soldiers are cheering for us the moment we stepped in. It was like they are welcoming heroes coming back alive after fighting enemies that would end the world. With them is Alain who is clapping alongside them.

"I don't know what to say at this guys. You guys really outdid the performance this time. You guys literally defended the place without letting every single one of them get close to us. We felt a bit useless without getting to do any actions at all, " Alain laughed.

"This is just the beginning, Alain. The enemies will not stop until the very end until the rebel group is destroyed. We will have to prepare for a grander battle. If we wanted to stop the pope from doing what he was set to do, then all we can do is keep winning," I seriously told him but then Harmless Sparrow put her arm on my shoulder and raise her arm.

"Let's worry about that later, Bladeheart! A win is a win! Let's celebrate!"

Once more, cheers came from the crowd. As much as I want to keep going serious, I guess I should at least chill out for a bit. Everything is not so bad after all.

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