Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique

Chapter 42 - 42 Self-Defense_l

Chapter 42: Chapter 42 Self-Defense_l

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The owner of the voice was Erick.

Outside the intense fog, he stood on the shaded path, his left trouser leg fluttering in the wind below the knee, a crutch under his left armpit to help with the weight on his right leg.

His left arm, too, was amputated from the elbow, and his intact right hand was swinging forcefully, venting his anger.

But no matter how wide he opened his eyes, his face could not express any emotion.

The fire started by Rivers not only burned Erick’s left arm and left leg into a cripple, but also completely disfigured Erick.

All the skin on his face was burned to death, making it impossible for him to feel, let alone express any emotion.

As for his nose, it was only visible in outline, without any shape.

“Come out!”

Erick roared, growing angrier, “You sneaky little man who only knows little tricks! Do you dare to face up to what you’ve done?”

Upon hearing this, Link was speechless.

This was the way such people thought: it was acceptable for them to scheme against others, but not for others to scheme against them.

However, Link didn’t mind this.

He only has two questions:

The first was that Erick’s words suggested he knew why Rivers had suddenly turned against him. So who told him?

The second was that Erick’s ambush on this shady path was perfectly timed and positioned. Who told him that he and Jasmine were traveling there?

Ever since Link began to practice the second level of the “Water Wood Mutual Growth Meditation Method,” his perceptual ability has greatly improved, forming a habit of constantly sensing his surroundings.

If someone was stalking or trailing him, Link wouldn’t have missed it.

After all, even as a third-class wizard apprentice, there’s no essentially difference between him and the first and second rank wizard apprentices.

Without a doubt, both of these questions raised pointed to the same person.

Mina Havcheck!

“Have you ever discussed our itinerary with Mina Havcheck?”

Link asked Jasmine in a low voice.


Jasmine thought seriously, her voice barely audible.

“I see.”

Based on the previous encounters with Mina Havcheck and her malicious intent, sudden reminders, and dark history, Link had a feeling.

But those were matters to deal with later.

For now, Erick had to be dealt with.

But why were the Intelligent Enforcement Puppets not appearing?


Erick laughed coldly, “Waiting for the Intelligent Law Enforcement Puppets? Do you think I would come to kill you without making any preparations? You can’t wait for the Intelligent Law Enforcement Puppets, come out and die!”

Link didn’t believe for a second that a mere wizard apprentice could prevent the Intelligent Law Enforcement Puppets from intervening.

At most, Erick could use some means to delay the puppet’s arrival.

Such methods couldn’t last forever.

If so, how could the Academy manage so many people, and ensure its authority?

Watching Erick standing there, appearing to have no defenses, Link was not eager to leave his cover and duel with him.

Erick dared do so because he surely had some reliance.

This obvious baiting strategy, Link saw through.

But this stalemate couldn’t continue.

Although Link was certain that the Intelligent Law Enforcement Puppet would eventually reach here, he couldn’t rest easy with Erick lurking, harboring a murderous intent.

Steel his heart, Link made a decision.

Today, Erick must die!

If the mountain won’t come to me, I’ll go to the mountain.

Since Erick was not taking the initiative to attack and wanted to lure him out, he would go out.

Link took off his cloak, gave it to Jasmine, and signalled her to hide in the woods on the left.

Jasmine did not waste time refusing. Instead, she quietly put on the cloak and slowly moved to the left.

Her brilliant green eyes lingered on Link’s face, filled with concern.

Link smiled and turned resolutely.

He silently counted the time, then raised his left hand to shoot a crossbow arrow at Erick.

Almost simultaneously, all the seeds he had scattered before were activated, growing and crawling on the ground, waiting for the enemy to step into their attack range, at which point they would violently entangle and control them.

Link didn’t stay still either. He activated the hover and acceleration functions of his boots, silently darting over a dozen meters away.

In the blink of an eye, the crossbow arrow pierced through Erick’s figure.

After a moment of fluctuation, Erick’s figure turned into fragments and quietly dispersed.

“As expected.”

Seeing this, Link was unfazed.

He had guessed early on that it was a decoy similar to an illusion or a clone.

With a whoosh.

A metal arrow, thick as an arm, suddenly shot out, then fiercely pierced into the mud at Link’s original position.

Unfortunately, Link had already moved.

The metal arrow was fiercely powerful, its tail continually trembling.

Erick, hidden in the shadows, saw the metal arrow failing to hit its target and withdrew the magic power maintaining the spell.

The metal arrow soon disappeared.

It turns out that Erick’s wizard qualifications had an affinity with the light element and the metal element.

The previous illusion was a zero ring light system spell.

The just-discussed metal arrow, was a universal arrow-shaped spell.

However, the attack power of metal spells is slightly greater than the other systems.

Therefore, as second-class wizard apprentices, excluding the factor of equipment, Link was no match for Erick.

So, Link became even more careful.

He thought about it and then cast another secondary misty rain technique, expanding the coverage to a circular area with a radius of fifteen meters around him.

In this way, although it consumes too much spiritual power and magic power, as long as he is careful, he can quickly find Erick’s hiding place.

While calculating the consumption of spiritual power and magic power, Link kept wandering in the dense fog.

Erick had already become impatient.

He had spent all his savings to get this disposable magic tool from the external black market, which could shield the intelligent law enforcement puppet for three minutes.

But who knew that Link Grande had such strong perception abilities, making his perfect ambush become a bubble, forcing him to attack directly.

His opponent was finally lured out, but Link was still using a “fear of death” guerrilla strategy.

This made Erick very frustrated.

He had no choice but to shoot arrows randomly in all directions, trying to force Link Grande, or Hopefully, to hurt his opponent.

Meanwhile, Link was fine in the face of this indiscriminate advantageous firepower “bombardment”.

Jasmine almost got hit by a metal arrow.

It only missed her by one step.

Luckily, Jasmine’s psychological quality was quite strong, and she covered her mouth in time, preventing her from making any sound.

Link couldn’t help but wipe his cold sweat.

Indeed, the saying was true: when you’re poor, you play by tactics, but when you’re rich, you just bomb the hell out of them.

By now, Link had also discovered Erick’s real location.

He took a deep breath, withdrew the spiritual power and magic power that had been maintaining the two uses of the secondary misty rain technique, and quickly cast a newly-learned Water Shield Spell.

A stream of water formed a protective screen that covered the frontal part of his head.

Link rose from the shrubs under the tree, circled the road, and ran towards Erick’s hiding place.

Erick was overjoyed when he saw Link Grande finally stopped hiding.

Unfortunately, Link ran in an irregular “Z” shaped pattern, moving at an surprisingly quick speed.

Erick was too far away and could not aim properly.

I’m going to take advantage of your movement restrictions!

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