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Chapter 2697 - 2697: Sorry, Your Majesty, I Won’t Help You

Chapter 2697: Sorry, Your Majesty, I Won’t Help You

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The Celestial Thearch sighed as she circled around the crystal coffin, then leaned on it with her arms and shifted her posture to face the White Dragon.

The White Dragon was speechless.

She felt like the Celestial Thearch!s posture was even more provocative now.

But, whatever.

Since the Celestial Thearch had changed her position, anything she said now would seem pretentious.

After a moment of thought, the White Dragon slowly spoke, “Although I don’t know why you suddenly want to abdicate, but… if you’re thinking of passing the throne to Gold Trigram, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.”

The Celestial Thearch looked at the White Dragon in confusion.

“Because, Gold Trigram is already deceased. When he perished, 1 was there. I witnessed it with my own eyes,” the White Dragon said slowly.

“What?” The Celestial Thearch was bewildered.

Gold Trigram was gone?

Could it be that while she was admiring the ancestral golden dragon’s body around the crystal coffin, thousands of years had passed in the outside world? And during those thousands of years, Gold Trigram had been killed?

If it weren’t for the fact that the Celestial Thearch controlled the ‘Dao of Time,’ she might have actually believed this conjecture.

The White Dragon continued, “l said, Gold Trigram is gone. I saw it, so…

passing the throne to him is out of the question.”

“Hmm… I feel like there’s been a misunderstanding in our communication,” the Celestial Thearch said, leaning against the crystal coffin, a position that allowed her to stand more relaxedly. “My intuition tells me that we’ve been talking for a while, but we’re not on the same page.”

This time, it was the White Dragon’s turn to be puzzled.

“Like, the Gold Trigram we were talking about isn’t the same person,” the Celestial Thearch explained.

“…” After a moment of silence, the White Dragon asked, “Who are you referring to as Gold Trigram?”

The Celestial Thearch suddenly stretched out her arms dramatically, saying, ‘1 1 won’t tell you!’

Su Clan’s Sixteen in the mirror was speechless.

The White Dragon was speechless.

After making this gesture, the Celestial Thearch froze for a moment, then silently withdrew her posture. Lately, she had been increasingly influenced by Feather and Black Feather.

Even though she had severed the telepathic connection between herself, Feather, and Black, some things were still subtly affecting her.

Fortunately, she had already decided to step down from the position of the Celestial Thearch. Otherwise, the habits influenced by Feather would compromise her dignity as the Celestial Thearch.

“Alright, what do you want me to help you with?” the White Dragon sighed.

She didn’t want to be led astray by the Celestial Thearch. Despite the Celestial Thearch saying ‘l won’t tell you,’ her expression was saying ‘ask me, ask me.’

The more the Celestial Thearch acted like this, the less the White Dragon wanted to comply, so she changed the topic.

The Celestial Thearch was speechless.

“To tell or not to tell? If you don’t, I’ll leave,” the White Dragon said.

“I need you to help me resist someone,” the Celestial Thearch leaned against the crystal coffin, saying, “When I pass the throne to Gold Trigram, help me block that person.”

“Block who?” Just as the White Dragon asked, she suddenly had a thought, a vague guess.

After guessing the answer, the White Dragon chuckled, floating backward and saying, “Sorry, Your Majesty! I won’t help you! Please work hard, Your Majesty!’

“l knew Fellow Daoist White Dragon wouldn’t easily help me,” the Celestial Thearch smiled, snapping her fingers.

Then, thousands of Imperial Runes appeared out of thin air, sealing the entire space of the dragon tomb. She hadn’t circled the crystal coffin again and again just to admire the White Dragon’s body.

“What are you up to?” the White Dragon asked.

“While I’m passing on the throne, I’m preparing to launch your dragon tomb and transfer it to an alternate dimension that’s about to collapse. But don’t worry, I’ll do it in secret. I won’t harm your dragon tomb throughout the process… I just want to lure someone out so they can catch up with you and not cause trouble for me,” the Celestial Thearch replied.

“Are you sure they’ll come?” the White Dragon’s tone softened.

“I’m not sure, but I have to be cautious, don’t l?” the Celestial Thearch said, checking the time on her new phone. “It’s almost time. Well then, Fellow Daoist Golden Dragon, we’ll meet later. When we meet again, I’ll no longer be the Celestial Thearch. Let’s reintroduce ourselves then.’

The Celestial Thearch waved at the White Dragon and then at Su Clan’s Sixteen in the mirror. “Long time no see, Fellow Daoist Su Clan. I was supposed to sit down and have a good drink with you. But I’m quite busy today and don’t have time to entertain you. Next time, I’ll chat with you under my new identity at night. Please forgive my rudeness.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen in the mirror looked dumbfounded. She didn’t remember having any relationship with the Celestial Thearch, right? Could it be that the Celestial Thearch was influenced by Feather’s main body?

After saying that, the Celestial Thearch disappeared from the dragon tomb without waiting for Sixteen and the White Dragon to respond.

“Big Sister White Dragon, the space has been sealed. Do we still have a way out?” Sixteen asked.

“l can’t leave for the time being. This is a seal inscribed by the Celestial Thearch using Imperial Runes… She had already prepared a method to deal with me,” the White Dragon said slowly.

However, she knew very well in her heart that she did not resist what was going to happen next. She even looked forward to it. But she was conflicted.

She didn’t want that person to fall into danger because of her, ensnared by the Celestial Thearch’s trap.

“But it’s just nice. Since you’re in my dragon tomb, you should take this opportunity to cultivate properly,” the White Dragon tapped on the mirror, releasing Su Clan’s Sixteen from it.

This was her dragon tomb. Since ancient times, her physical body had been placed here, and nine puppet bone dragons guarded it. The entire tomb was filled with an immense amount of dragon energy. For Su Clan’s Sixteen, who had awakened her true dragon bloodline, this place was a blessed land for cultivation, equivalent to fifty times the usual experience.

“Cultivate now?” Su Clan’s Sixteen looked at the White Dragon. From the conversation between the Celestial Thearch and the White Dragon, she could tell that a series of things were going to happen in the dragon tomb. Was it really okay to cultivate at this time?

“Cultivate well. What happens next won’t affect you. Moreover… Don’t let Shuhang pull too far away from you,” the White Dragon said gently.

Since she had fallen in love with Song Shuhang, that freak, she should at least not be too far away from him in terms of cultivation realm. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to stand beside Song Shuhang in the future and fight against the same enemy as him.

“Sister White Dragon, you win,” Sixteen said.

She couldn’t refute the White Dragon’s suggestion.

“Cultivate well. I’ll protect you,” the White Dragon floated above Sixteen’s head, curling up into a ball, lost in thought.

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In the depths of Song Shuhangs consciousness, Song Shuhang, the Virtuous Lamia, the Virtuous Lamia, the Artifact Spirit Little Fairy, and 65 incomplete artifact spirits gathered together.

The Virtuous Lamia was speechless.

She found that even in forced seclusion, Song Shuhang remained restless. “Huh? Aren’t I in seclusion?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Woo~ woo”

“Huh, this strange feeling… Is the Tribulation Void giving me some kind of signal?” Suddenly, Song Shuhangs consciousness emitted a soft exclamation.

The Virtuous Lamia tilted her head. “What is love? Why isn’t love north and south?”

“They want to take away my phone!” Song Shuhang said.

Because today, in the real world, it was May 20th, 2019, the beginning of the ‘Cultivation Chat’ plot. The start of Tyrannical Songs adventures!

The Virtuous Lamia was speechless..

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