Cursed Immortality

Chapter 634 Soul Force

"Is there still no news from him?" Fulwood asked an old man from the spirit tree race with a dark expression.

Unlike another servant, this old man has been Fulwood's personal protector since his birth, a privilege enjoyed only by the Dark Duke's direct line.

The old man stoically replied, "No, my lord, we've been keeping an eye on the Dark Earl for six months now, not to mention him seeking us out. He didn't even leave the estate. My men from the inside told me that he had been cooped up in the darkroom since he received your gift, and an unknown party paid him a visit, which most likely suspected to be a messenger from the Star Hackers."

Fulwood's expression turned ugly, "But we were still not able to find what was inside that box, right?"

"Yes, the maid had her eyes closed at that time, so we don't know what he received that day. I've also inquired about his purchases before he went underground. It seemed he was planning on doing some alchemy project." The old man stated with uncertainty.

"Just what the hell is this guy doing? Send six more bottles of Spirit Tree Nectar that I've prepared for him!" Fulwood ordered grimly.

'Father told me to wait patiently, yet it's been six months since I've given him those diluted bottles, and he didn't respond at all. Could it be that nectar wasn't enough to make him addicted, or does the life medicine have little effect on him?

'But there is definitely something wrong. After he received that box, there was no attack or movement from the star hackers. Don't tell me he had already sold his secret for his life?

'If he didn't respond after this, then there's a chance he didn't even drink the nectar. So, I'll have to use another method to make him submit!' Fulwood eyes flashed with callousness.


At this moment, within the Dark Room, Jacob seems to be sound asleep on the bed, while in reality, he is within the nightmare dreamscape realm, looking at Nyx with astonishment.

lightsΝοvel Nyx's figure was surrounded by ethereal dark threads like a giant cocoon, and this abrupt change had only started a few seconds ago. Jacob had to hurry over.

"What is this?" Jacob quickly asked as he could feel a strange power rising in the nightmare realm.

"I think I'm about to evolve! I just received the nightmare conqueror seed from the Wyvern, and it seemed we had underestimated the strength of his soul. Anyhow, I don't know what will happen after this since I'm feeling exhausted and want to sleep.

"I quickly called you because you might not be able to enter the nightmare realm after this. I'm also about to transfer your portion of his dreamscape realm to your soul, so don't be alarmed after whatever happens; this power is too strong.

"N—now… wa…wait for…" Nyx's voice suddenly became extremely faint before completely vanishing as that ethereal cocoon completed.

Before Jacob could react, he suddenly felt a torrent of icy power break into his mind. His vision blanked as a mysterious change suddenly started to take place in his mind.

This abrupt change was out of Jacob's calculations, and now he was in slumber without any protection. But since he was in the Dark Room, no one could enter without altering the entire city or something like the Star Hackers attack happened again.

After an unknown time, Jacob finally opened his eyes, but there was something different about them now. His amber irises were now turned completely golden, and there seemed to be a strange power in them that could make anyone with a weak mind fall into a deadly illusion.

Jacob also felt somewhat different; he felt extremely calm and could see more colors in his surroundings now.

'Something has changed after Nyx injected the soul vitality of Flame Calamity into my soul. It's completely different from before…'lightsnovel

Jacob sat up and looked around the messy lab. To his astonishment, he saw a faint wisp of particles emitting from the alchemy equipment and almost everything related to magic.

'This is…' Jacob clearly knew he hadn't used the Eyes of Judge, yet he could still vaguely see those color spectrum particles from the magic devices.

Although they were not completely clear, like when he used the Eyes of Judge and couldn't see them in the environment, he knew this was some kind of breakthrough.

At this moment, Jacob suddenly felt some tangible power in his brain and then focused the Rune Artificer Brush on the table. He felt as if he was touching it with his hands and instinctively tried to lift it.

Something astonishing happened as the brush suddenly lifted by an invisible force, and with Jacob's will, it directly pulled towards him!

Jacob grabbed the brush and confirmed it wasn't a dream, his eyes shimmering with shock.

'T-telekinesis! This has to be telekinesis!'

To confirm his guess, he looked at another item and tried to lift it again. Just like before, he could easily lift it and manipulate it with his will!

Ecstatic, Jacob tried to lift the furnace, which was around 500 kg, but this time, he wasn't able to lift it and only made it slightly tremble before his grip on it broke.

'So, there is a limit to what I can lift?' Jacob mused, not discouraged at all, and began fiddling with this new power more.

However, after just five minutes, he felt exhausted and lethargic and could no longer use the Telekinesis to lift any object.

"Cursed Immorality!" Jacob quickly summoned Immortika while fighting the urge to sleep. He wanted to grasp the true changes that had happened after he fell into slumber.

"Can you be so kind as to tell me if this ability is related to my soul or my eyes? Any clue would be helpful," Jacob asked as nicely as possible.

Immortika burst into usual laughter before finally writing, "Well, since you've already reached this point and asking so sincerely, I can divulge some information.

"First, your Eyes of Judge just entered the Initial Stage of their awakening, which gave you the passive ability of Judgment Gaze, which can allow you to see True and False.

"The second thing, 'Telekinesis,' is the innate ability a person awakens when they reach the Fable Legendary Rank, and it is called the Soul Force!

"Oh, and since you've already awakened the Soul Force, you are ready to know that the Eyes of Judge is also a connate ability that uses the Soul Force. Before you were using your Soul Vitality to use the Eyes of Judge, which is akin to burning your life.

"Still, if you exhaust your soul force, you will again start to use it with your soul vitality, so I suggest you don't be reckless. Although you have awakened something that only a Fable Legendary should have, the amount of soul force you possess is 1/10,000 of what a Fable Legendary Rank possessed, and you don't have the…

"Oh, look at me. I was about to break a rule; I guess I was too emotional about your progress…hahahahha. This is the limit of what I can tell you now. But knowing you, I think this much should be enough, hehehehe!"

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