Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 651

Chapter 651

There were only five minutes until the end of the competition, and there were only ten and five contestants left on the arena.

So far, there were three people left in Universe 1 – one of them was Kayim, who was still fighting with April. The battle between the two lasted for a long time, and there was still no winner. Universe 2, Universe 3, Universe 4 had all been wiped out.

There were two more people in Universe 5, one of whom was fighting against Super Android 18 and splitting, and the other was fighting with Melissa. Only Kale was left in Universe 6, and although he had not been eliminated, he did not get much points. Universe 7 had the most people left. Son Goku, Super Android 18, Melissa, April, Broly, and the others were still alive. Vegeta and Shasley were defeated by Universe 12 not long ago. Muqiu, Amelia, Android 17 had also been defeated by the strong.

There were only two people left in Universe 8, and they were both relatively powerful masters. Next, Universe 9 and Universe 10 were wiped out, and Universe 11 still had Toppo and Jiren, and there were still two left in Universe 12.

These 15 players were undoubtedly very powerful, and most of them had the strength of God of Destruction Level. josei

In the remaining time, they would fight for the final score.

Time slowly passed, and the match was about to end.

When the Grand Minister noticed the last grain of sand in the hourglass, he loudly announced, “The match is over. All participants, stop attacking.”

With the Grand Minister’s announcement, the six Angels around the arena waved their Angel staff at the same time. A brilliant energy rose into the air and acted on the entire arena. The arena seemed to be locked up, and all the energy disappeared.

April was fighting against Kayim from Universe 1. Suddenly, her body became sluggish, as if she was wrapped in wet cloth. The energy that was released turned into a crystal flash and disappeared.

Son Goku was fighting to his heart’s content. He had just struck out a Thunder Shock Surprise, but the energy disappeared in the next moment. Son Goku looked at his hands in surprise, unable to use the slightest bit of energy.

“This is the end of the competition!”

All the battles came to an abrupt end.

Broly silently looked at his opponent. After a long time, he turned and walked towards Universe 7’s resting area.

“Wait a minute.” Jiren’s voice came from behind him.

Broly turned to look at him. Jiren said, “You are very strong. I hope that the next time I meet you, I can finish the competition.”

“No problem.” Broly raised his hand.

“… “

Jiren’s dark eyes looked at the back of Broly. The arm hidden behind his back was constantly shaking. He had already lost consciousness. If not for the whistle at the end of the match, he would have lost this match.

“Universe 7, Broly, he is an expert who surpasses me.”

“Lord Zeno, what do you think of this competition?” The Grand Minister asked the four Zenos in the palace, his gentle voice making people feel as if they were bathing in the spring breeze.

The four Zenos raised their hands together, making cheerful sounds like children.


“It’s shiny. Every battle is very exciting. This kind of competition is very interesting. It will be held frequently in the future.”

The Grand Minister nodded and looked at Muyang. Muyang responded with a bright smile. Then, according to the statistics of the Angels, the Grand Minister selected the 20 contestants who had the most points.

“Next, I will announce the contestants who have the most points in the competition. Because there is a situation of mutual destruction in the competition, the two sides who perish together will each get one point. After the statistics, the 20 people who have the top points have already come out. But before that, we need to resurrect all the contestants.”

After the Grand Minister finished speaking, he raised his palm and hundreds of colorful lights shot out from his palm. The halo erected behind him flashed simultaneously. If the rules were reversed, all the people who died in the competition would be resurrected.

“Ah, I am resurrected.”

“I seemed to have slept just now. My head was empty.”

“Has the competition ended?”

Then, with the reminder of his companions, the resurrected players knew that the Zeno Tournament had ended. Under the leadership of the God of Destruction and Supreme Kai of various universes, everyone returned to their own camp and listened to the Grand Minister’s instructions.

Looking at the situation below with satisfaction, the Grand Minister said majestically, “The top 20 contestants for this competition are: Melissa, Kayim, April, Hit, Broly, Jiren, Amons, Muqiu, Oupu, Amelia, Lasuli, Lapis, Son Goku, Vegeta, Jiren, Toppo, Frieza, Maji-Kayo, Obuni, Kale.”

“All above will obtain a spot to enter the ‘Time Nest’.”

According to the score, the top 20 were listed. Other than the people who were lucky to be on the stage, many of them had already been eliminated, such as Hit, Frieza, Muqiu and others.

When the God of Destruction Beerus heard the list of people announced by the Grand Minister, he could not help but feel relieved.

“According to the agreement before the competition, all the universes that obtain the quota will be rewarded by Lord Zeno. As for the specific rewards, please ask the God of Destruction and Supreme Kai of their respective universes to go to Zeno Palace later to receive them.”

“Of course, those universes that have not obtained a single quota will have a limited time period for inspection. Please work hard. If you fail to pass the inspection, you will be punished by Lord Zeno. At that time, whether you want to clean up the universe or replace the God of Destruction, I don’t know.”

Universes 12 competed for 20 quotas. In fact, on average, each universe should have one. Those universes that were completely wiped out could only be said to be in an unqualified state.

The Grand Minister’s warning was definitely not without reason. His words made all the gods break out in cold sweat.

Especially Universe 4. At this time, Quitela had already panicked.

Champa swallowed his saliva and said happily, “Fortunately, both Kale and Hit of our universe have been selected.”

Lord Beerus said, “It’s all thanks to Son Goku and the others.”

This time, Universe 7 could be said to have made a name for himself in one battle. He actually occupied half of the troops. This made Beerus show his face in the crowd of destructive gods. He had a feeling of exaltation.

After everything was announced, the Grand Minister looked at the Zeno and Muyang. Zeno stood up and said, “Well, that’s it then. The rest of you have to work hard. This competition is very interesting. I still have to hold it in the future. It depends on your performance.”

“Yes, Lord Zeno.”

When some people heard this, their faces couldn’t help but turn bitter.

Because this competition was for the selection of people for the Time Nest, Zeno didn’t make things difficult for these universes. However, if the next competition was held again, it would not be so easy to pass. There was no lack of cleaning up a part of the universe.

However, no matter how helpless they were, the will of Lord Zeno was not something they could reverse. They could only accept the order with a bitter face.

“Now, please return to your respective universes and destroy the gods and Supreme Kai. Zeno will reward you. In addition, those who have obtained a spot in the ‘nest of time’, please be prepared. In the near future, someone will bring you to the nest of time…”

After the Grand Minister finished speaking, he waved his arm and the magical power moved everyone out of the world of nothingness.

When they opened their eyes, they found that they had returned to their respective universes.

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