Epic of Caterpillar

Chapter 2226 Tenacious Cosmic Fiend



The monstrous Cosmic Holy Light Beast that the weakened half of Erdretoth transformed into attacked Kireina, quickly growing several dozens of meters, swinging its ever-growing and large, muscular arms with enough force to split a continent in half!


The barrage of claw attacks generated explosions of miasma and holy light elemental cosmic flames, yet Kireina parried them with utmost ease, using her axe and a shield in the shape of a demonic dragon she summoned, the [Demonic Shield of the Ancient Archdemon Dragon of Wrath: Furia]!


Kireina kept attacking the beast while swinging her axe, slowly hacking through the monster's body and activating a myriad of spells and abilities from Mammon, quickly, the creature started losing its many limbs, the damage she caused greatly surpassing the beast's regeneration speed.

"Now. [Demonic Wrathful Dragon Breath]!"

The dragon's head eyes within the demonic shield, a Demonic Relic from her own Demon Bloodline, glowed brightly, shining with red light. It opened its jaws after absorbing the damage it took from the beast and released it. An explosion of demonic flames and chaos engulfed the miasmic cosmic beast, disintegrating half of its body in an instant.


The beast slowly attempted to regenerate back, firing a thousand of projectiles made of light against Kireina to buy more time for the other half of the Recessed's body to manage to escape.

However, Kireina simply rushed through it all, her body's encompassed by a coat of blue colored liquid metal that shone with a beautiful azure and cosmic light.

Then, she shaped this metal into a sharp and long spear after fusing it with one of her insectoid arms and pierced the beast once more.

She activated [Azure Sea Orichalcum Explosive Projectile Body].

And yet another explosion engulfed the beast.



The beast was still alive though, weakened, yet trying to regenerate again. This clearly and quickly told Kireina that the Recessed couldn't be underestimated, their bodies were incredibly tough and capable of taking several hits and regenerate back over time.

"You're not getting away from it though."

She extended her own stomach into a monstrous jaw and devoured what was left of the Miasmic Cosmic Beast, quickly rushing towards the second half, that was singlehandedly fighting all the reinforcements he brought.

They might all be very strong, with both powerful Cosmic Ego Equipment and after having ascended into World Devourer Realm, however, the Receded they were trying to kill was someone that had reached the upper stages of a Star Eater.

Even without his Cosmic Relics and while lacking half his power, he was bound to be extremely powerful.

"My other half's already gone?! This can't be…! NOOO!"

lightsΝοvel His entire body released a barrage of golden bone projectiles, as he kept creating them endlessly. Everyone quickly conjured their strongest barriers or shields, only for them to be easily pierced, explosions of blinding light engulfing them.


"I have to get out of here!"

He didn't think of killing them, just to get out of his floating dark castle, so he could notify the rest about a sudden invasion! It was hard for Erdretoth to believe it, but it seemed that Mammon, his greatest benefactor and the object of his passion and lust, had betrayed him!


Nephiana roared, her body encompassed by a Divine Spiritual Cosmic Aura in the shape of a gigantic green colored phoenix, an endless storm of winds constantly stopped the Recessed from advancing, pushing him back.


With a furious roar, Erdretoth opened his skeletal jaws, releasing a massive beam of holy light and nether against Nephiana, reaching her in an instant and blowing up the ceiling with her. Her winds dissipated completely, as the Recessed expected her lifeless body falling at any time.



Nephiana appeared above him, swinging her sharp talons down with all her Divinity and Might, an explosion of winds and lighting erupted from her kicking blow, pushing the Recessed down.


"You?! How are you still alive?!"

Erdretoth could swear he saw her exploding into countless of emerald pieces! Yet she appeared above him like nothing. She wasn't wearing any mech armor either, but the small armor and accessories her body could wear.

However, that equipment alone imbued her with the power of Cosmic Winds and many Skills of each Ego Piece, greatly boosting her power way past her current Realm.

But that still didn't answer his question!

And that question laid within Nephiana's powers.


Erdretoth swung his giant skeletal arms against her, fusing them with hundreds of more golden bones and encompassing them on hard black scaled armor made of hardened miasma.


Nephiana was hit directly, exploding into emerald winds…

And then disappearing! There was no corpse again.



And she appeared again far away, gathering her Cosmic Energy and Essence to conjure a powerful Ability.

It had become already quite clear that this girl possessed an ability the Recessed didn't knew about at all.

And that was the power to transform into Spiritual Winds themselves.

Whenever Nephiana was about to hit, she moved with the winds, melding and becoming them.

And once the foe hit her, what they ended hitting was an afterimage of her, made of the winds themselves.

Therefore, despite being much weaker than her foe, Nephiana was actually a good match against him.

Her speed and ability to evade a lethal hit were almost unparalleled.

And everyone in the party were already recognizing that the Harpy they didn't thought of as much was actually incredible.

"Everyone, I'll keep distracting him, charge your attacks, don't let him move!"

Nephiana from all people gave a command, and everyone simply agreed to it.

Erdretoth kept fighting her, his magic and attacks could instantly kill her with a single blow.

Yet frustratingly, he could simply not!

"Dammit! I am losing precious time! I'm bleeding all over the damn place!" Erdretoth looked at his wounds, which were not regenerating.

The demonic flames of Mammon's axe form made so his wounds started to rot and fester, unable to close.

He was losing precious miasmic and holy blood, slowly debilitating over time.

Nephiana and everyone else didn't let him give a single step forward either!

And Kireina…

Was looming right behind him.


"Agh, dammit!"



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