Herald of Steel

Chapter 1046 Remus's Request

While Lord Parker was trying his best to turn the situation back in his favor, his general proved little more than a hindrance.

Achillas was still unable to see why his boss cum lover was so angry about such a thing, over the death of some low born peasants.

In his mind, these 'wastes of society' should be happy to die for his lord's cause.

And the man even frankly said his thoughts out aloud, "Why is my lord getting so angry? It's only a few dead men. The city has a hundred thousand more. Even if it did not work today, we can always have more tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after that…"

To Achillas it seemed like these people were not people but like the water from the never ending well of Zamzam, that could be pumped endlessly without exhaustion.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm "Shut up!" And it was hearing this damn care attitude that Lord Parker finally blew his top, a very rare instance in his life, thus slamming Achillas' moth with such a shout, and then screaming,

"They are peasants and plebians, not pigs you can butcher at will! You think all these people you attacked will simply go to their houses, sleep, and forget everything that has happened today? Do you think they are that dumb?"

Lord Parker's chest visibly heaved as he said this, his face livid, clearly showing that although his heart did not bleed for the common masses, he was no butcher either.

He certainly cared for their well being to an extent.

Thus he continued to berate his general,

"How can you say that they will once again take to the streets after what we did to them? There have already been hushed rumors of people questioning how so many temples are being attacked when there are 20,000 men guarding the city. We can take care of so many people yet we can't take care of a few rats in the shadows? And now that we attacked them, they will surely start asking even more questions." Lord Parker at this point turned from angry to cautionary,

"*Tsk*, Achillas… you cannot be a butcher if you want to continue being my right hand man. Some things need a much more delicate touch. Learn which tool to implement where or hand in your resignation… I will find someone else who can."

"......" It was only now that Achillas was beginning to understand where the wound really stuck for his lord.

Since the crowd had been dispersed using such heavy handed methods, their whole plan to incite the public and then kill Alexander using the excuse of popular opinion had turned very shaky.

He feared that many even might start supporting the troublesome lord.

Thus understanding his mistake, Achillas cleverly shut his mouth and lowered his head, appearing diminutive.

While Lord Parker decided to leave his general and find his wife.

This was her plan and he thought that she better have a good plan to dig themselves out of the pit.

This is was how current daylight hours ended for Lord Parker.

While during the same time, his opponents were not sitting idle either.

After first laying sight on the gathered crowd, Alexander moved away from the windows and got quickly dressed before meeting up with Lady Miranda to get informed about the goings on of the city

Which was really a repeat of the previous date.

So sitting in front of a large table lavishly decorated with good food, something that Lady Miranda had cleverly decided to arrange, Alexander frowned his forehead to pose, "Two attacks in two nights…. what are the city guards doing? Are the people not asking that? Are they that gullible?"

"...." Lady Miranda slightly felt a pang of shame at this. It flet like Alexander was calling her people dumb.

But she nevertheless answered,

"The city guards are in the hands of Uncle Nolan… my father in law. But after Linda took over the city, she basically turned them into a ceremonial piece. They number less than hundred and have very little power to do anything. And…" It was at that point Lady Miranda's voice suddenly turned tiny like a mosquito's, "The people never really respected them anyway."

Alexander understood this last sentence was probably the real reason.

The people never relied on those men, who were most likely little more than hooligans with a badge.

So with no one to blame but Alexander, they all turned on him.

Thus Alexander then turned to suggest, "Miss Linda is turning the people against us with such ease. Can't you do something about it? Don't you have your own contacts in the city? People who can speak on our behalf…. to counter the propaganda?"

"......" However Lady Miranda once again could only blush in shame at her inability.

She did not have any such contacts.

One was because her rule was too young and she had yet to develop her own intelligence network.

And two because she had no need to.lightsnovel

Being a mercantile family, all the shops and merchants acted as her eyes and ears, people whom she could use them whenever she needed.

Which worked fantastically in normal times, but the slight hitch now was that most of those people had either defected to Miss Linda, been threatened into silence, or worse, just now killed by the angry mob.

Lady Miranda was left with no one, something she was too shy to admit. Hence the silence.

Alexander's heart raged at this, as he wanted to shoot out, 'Stop turning away blushing! We are not in your nuptial room. Answer me properly woman!'

But obviously he could not do that.

So he only pursed his lips in anger, and seriously mused whether it was too late to take a boat back to Zanzan.

And sensing this acrimony, it was the gentle Lord Cassius who quickly stepped up to point out the flaw in Alexander's plan, "My lord, I do not think it will be prudent to send our own men into the streets. The whole city is under Lord Parker's control. He can easily arrest all our men for spreading 'false' information."

"....." Alexander had to admit, the man was right here.

This kind of tit for tat play won't work this time as the enemy was far too strong.

The narrative was completely in their hands.

And in the same sense, spending money to bribe them would not work either.

The man felt stuck, and no matter who he racked his brain, he could only see darkness.

According to the script, the Cairans seemed bound to end up against him.

And he could not think of a way to change that.

When suddenly,

*Knock*, *Knock*, *Knock*, there came a series of crisp, solid nods from across the parlor door, not hurried or panicking, but very strong and imposing, breaking Alexander from his pessimistic musings.

And then he heard the man enter the room without even asking for any permission, the sound of solid footsteps and rattling of metal chains giving away his presence.

All this was very surprising given most would not dare to enter this room after just knowing who were in there, never mind intrude such rudely.

And if it was for Alexander making sure it was just the sound of a singular foot, he might have even suspected that Miss Linda had finally lost her patience and decided to initiate a coup right here, right now and that the ones entering were assassins.

However the person who revealed himself to Alexander was the furthest thing from an assassin- for he was Remus.

Alexander found the young general to be in his fully embellished combat armor, intentionally made to look gaudy and flashy, and as he entered the small side room, he first took off his helmet and bowed, before going on to declare in a strong, manly voice,

"Sincere apologies for intruding like this, you my lords and my ladies. Forgive me. But I thought it was imperative that I informed you of the current situation."

The tone Remus used was not impudent, but neither servile, making his 'apology' sound more like a memorized official statement than a sincere regret.

It was like he did not really care much about the people's opinion here.

And it was only when Remus turned to Alexander that his stance softened.

Making direct eye with the man, then he sent an asking look to him, on whether he should continue, and Alexander was of course interested to know what could be so important for his general to make the trip here, thus he quickly nodded to give the go ahead.

The pasha was relieved to know how amicably the entire incident with the angry mob had ended, as his worst fears were avoided.

As did the rest of the people in the room.

When they had seen Remus, they had assumed the opposite.

That the lines had been broken and they should flee.

While Remus, after dictating his long report, revealed the real reason why he was here, "My lords and ladies, although today we were able to avoid bloodshed, I fear the incident will repeat itself. And next time we will not be so lucky. That's why I'm here…. to ask for your permission to burn the ships at the Great Harbor! To secure our flank!"

Alexander internally cursed hearing the tactless request.

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