I am a Primitive Man

Chapter 252: The meaning of training

This feeling of going from confusion to sudden enlightenment fascinated Shaman.

This elder, who had been leading the Green Sparrow Tribe alongside the Eldest Senior Brother before Han Cheng arrived, had his own thoughts and strategies for dealing with these unprecedented changes, derived from the wisdom accumulated from long-term living and the teachings of his predecessors.

Standing there, watching from afar, the thoughtful expression in his eyes gradually disappeared, replaced by anticipation.

He believed that once this matter was finished, its value would become apparent…

Training, held every three days, continued like this. The people of the Green Sparrow Tribe had made significant progress from their initial struggles with lining up and constantly making mistakes like ‘left turn' and ‘right turn.'

Although mistakes still occurred at times, and there was still a significant gap from the military training seen in later years, things had improved greatly compared to the initial chaos.

Simple exercises like gathering, lining up, left turn, right turn, about-face, and forward march may not seem to improve combat effectiveness directly, but in reality, they do.

The cohesion, unity, discipline, and other aspects of the entire team can be strengthened through these seemingly simple drills.

It enables them to understand simple commands and know what to do…

After all, battles are not individual affairs. Understanding commands and adhering to discipline is crucial; otherwise, chaos sets in even before the battle starts, which is quite distressing.

Things progress forward. Developed over thousands of years, sieved through experience, and widely used by armies, these drills naturally have significance.

After several rounds of such drills, someone couldn't help but ask about their doubts. Han Cheng then explained the principles in a way they could understand, emphasizing the benefits of doing so.

Han Cheng thought his explanation was straightforward and appropriate. However, the people of the Green Sparrow Tribe didn't understand much. Nevertheless, they knew it benefited the tribe, so they became more diligent in practice.

This made the unknowing Han Cheng feel pretty pleased with himself, thinking his communication skills had improved significantly as he explained this relatively complex matter to everyone…

Training occurred every three days, leaving the people of the Green Sparrow Tribe with plenty of leisure time.

Of course, the evil Divine Child, wouldn't let them get too comfortable. At least, the days of spending winter in caves, sleeping and eating, with enough energy to hum tunes together, were gone forever.

In the spacious deer shed, Lame and Mu Tou were busy.

They were burning a tree trunk, as Divine Child requested, which required at least four people to hug.

After burning, they would use stones to knock off the softened wood.

This method could expedite the process.

The team training and the construction of wooden boats for distant voyages proceeded methodically. Once everything was on track, leisure still prevailed during this winter.

After all, it was winter now, and apart from the wooden boats, there was no need to prepare for the journey so early.

The heavy snow fell again, thickening the already accumulated snow.

Shi Tou came over with two clay tablets filled with various shapes and patterns.

The tablets contained many hook-shaped symbols, which troubled Shi Tou, but he didn't have many options.

After Han Cheng carefully inquired about the meaning of the things depicted on the clay tablets, he gave Shi Tou a thumbs-up and groomed his hair for a while using the traditional method of the Green Sparrow Tribe.

This made Shi Tou uneasy about showing the results of his recording to Han Cheng, wholly relieved and happy from the bottom of his heart.

Han Cheng also smiled at the somewhat peculiar things depicted on these two clay tablets. These seemingly insignificant things were firsthand data obtained from observing changes in the moon, the foundation of establishing a calendar.

With these as a basis, the most straightforward calendar could finally exist!

As he thought joyfully, a sudden image of an airplane flying across the sky flashed, slightly dampening his joy.

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