I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

Chapter 248 - 172: The Evil Cult of Fragrance

Chapter 248: Chapter 172: The Evil Cult of Fragrance

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The scale of Jia Shan City was three times that of Mengshan City and roughly similar to Daofu City in Luofeng Country.

After re-entering the city, Han Yi stopped a passing Qi Cultivating Cultivator to ask for directions, then went straight to the Li family’s market.

Moreover, at this moment, his breath was not at the Foundation Establishment stage, but dropped to what was about the Qi cultivation sixth level.

Concealment Skill.

The Li family’s market was located in the North City District of Jia Shan City.

The market was not large, occupying only about two blocks. Outside the market, there were cultivators from the Li family on guard. Han Yi paid two taels of Spirit Sand as an entrance fee, received a loose cultivator’s badge, and entered the market.

As soon as he entered the market, Han Yi went straight to the center of the market, where the largest firm of the Li family was located in the market – the Li Family’s Trading Firm.

The Li Family’s Trading Firm had a pretty impressive facade. As Han Yi stepped in, he noticed a strand of divine sense that swept over him, coming from the second floor of the Li Family’s Trading Firm. It should be a cultivator at the Foundation Building Early Stage. With this level of strength, Han Yi naturally became more cautious, which showed that the strength of the Li family was indeed not weak.

Han Yi did not intentionally look towards the second floor, but strolled casually through the trading firm. Magic tools, pills, formations, spiritual talismans – there were quite a few things for sale in the trading firm.

“Esteemed guest, what would you like to buy? The Li Family’s Trading Firm has everything you need and will definitely meet your requirements,” asked an elderly man who had observed Han Yi for a while and saw that he did not linger on any particular item.

Han Yi looked at the sparkling-eyed shopkeeper, whose gaze reminded him of He Fangwei. However, He Fangwei was at the ninth level of Qi cultivation, while this shopkeeper of the Li Family’s Trading Firm was only at the seventh level.

“May 1 know the shopkeeper’s name?” Han Yi asked.

“I am from the Li family, and you may call me Li Wenheng,” the elderly man replied with a smile as he stroked his beard.

Han Yi nodded and went straight to the point, “1 heard that the Li Family’s Trading Firm does business all over Jia Shan City. Is there any business that the Li family can’t do in Jia Shan City?”

Upon hearing this, Li Wenheng’s eyes flickered, but he did not admit it: “My friend, you must be joking. In Jia Shan City, it is Daqian that rules. My Li family is just doing business.”

“However, in Jia Shan City, apart from Daqian, my Li family does have some abilities. Why don’t you tell me what kind of business you’d like to do?”

Han Yi nodded, and this time directly said, “Finding a person.”

“Finding a person?” Li Wenheng asked with a smile, “Do you have their name, attire, magic tool, height, and other information?”

Han Yi nodded, “I’m not sure about the attire. As for the magic tool, I’m not quite clear either. The person is about 1.83 meters tall and his name is Zheng Hai.”

“With a name and height, after drawing a portrait, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find him in Jia Shan City,” Li Wenheng said.

“Oh yes, is he a cultivator from a sect?”

Han Yi nodded, “My friend is from the Xuandan Sect.”

Li Wenheng’s eyes remained calm as he took a piece of paper from the drawer and wrote down the information Han Yi provided.


Han Yi, who was standing in front of him, furrowed his brows.

Just now, Li Wenheng’s expressions and movements were all appropriate, but Han Yi’s divine sense happened to fall on him. When he uttered the three words ‘Xuandan Sect’, his heartbeat was slightly faster than at other times.

This tiny abnormality could not be detected even by the legendary Qi cultivators, but it could not escape Han Yi’s divine sense at the Foundation Building Middle Level.

“Xuandan Sect? Is there a problem?” Han Yi asked.

Li Wenheng looked up and said, “My friend might not know, but the Xuandan Sect has been promoted to a Nascent Soul Great Sect more than two years ago. The disciples of such a sect are certainly extraordinary.”

Han Yi suddenly realized, but his eyes slightly narrowed.

When Li Wenheng explained just now, his right hand’s pinky finger unconsciously bent, and although his expression and tone seemed to show reverence for the Xuandan Sect, a Nascent Soul Sect, his heartbeat was actually slightly faster than before.


This emotion, appearing at this moment, is not normal.

Han Yi calmly continued to ask, “Shopkeeper Li, how much do you charge for finding a person, and how long does it usually take?”

After doing some calculations, Li Wenheng quoted a non-low price.

“Two hundred lower-grade spirit stones, a hundred for the deposit, another hundred when the person is found, and fifty back if the person isn’t found.”

“After all, finding people takes quite an effort. Rest assured, my friend, this sum of money is absolutely worth it.”

“Of course, this search for a person is limited to within Jia Shan City. If your friend has already left Jia Shan City, then it’s not the Li Family’s Trading Firm’s responsibility.”

“My friend, do you think this price is appropriate?”

Han Yi nodded, this sum of money was nothing to him now.


Han Yi took out a hundred spirit stones from his Qiankun Ring and handed them to Li Wenheng.

Seeing Han Yi’s Qiankun Ring, Li Wenheng’s eyes flashed brightly as he accepted the spirit stones.

“Alright, my friend, please describe the appearance of the person you are looking for, and I will draw a portrait,” said the elderly man, taking out a blank sheet of paper. Han Yi pictured the last time he saw Zheng Hai and described his appearance truthfully. After a stick of incense’s time had passed, a vivid portrait was placed in front of Han Yi.

A rugged-looking youth who had no connection to being handsome jumped off the page.

The youth’s most distinctive feature was his dark complexion, which was very thorough, and on his dark face, there was a set of bright white teeth shining..


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