Immortal Taoist Lord: My Cultivation Have No Limits

Chapter 156 - 156: Episode 098: The Power of Time, Beast Tide of the Grand Moon Ridge (10K Subscriptions Wanted)_3

Chapter 156: Episode 098: The Power of Time, Beast Tide of the Grand Moon Ridge (10K Subscriptions Wanted)_3

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“I need to find the opportunity to search for a suitable gold attribute technique,” Su Yu thought to himself, preferably one of those ancient and uniquely top-notch methods.

These top-notch methods all required special conditions to begin cultivation, lots of them circulating around like worthless pieces of paper.

Finding the subsequent Cultivation Techniques after these would be much easier than with ordinary ones.

Upon arriving at the Yu Family.

Su Yu stayed at the Yu Family for a few days before bringing Su Zhi, Yu Ke’er, Lan Xi, Lan Gong, Li Pingchang and others back to Alchemy Mountain on the Cloud Tigers.

Not long after he returned to the family, a message along with the shocking news of the sudden monster tide in the Dark Moon Market was received.

Su Yu, Su Zhi, Su Bin and other members of the Su Family were startled.

Su Yu hadn’t read the letter sent by Yu Linfeng yet. He looked at the information regarding the monster tide eruption at the Dark Moon Market sent by Taoist Xiuyu, as well as a list of elixirs and talismans the Pavilion wished to purchase from him.

“Taoist Friend Su, four days after you left the Dark Moon Market, strange movements of demons were detected at the Dark Moon Range, with even Tier Three monsters appearing.”

“We cannot currently determine the full scale of the monster tide, but for sure, the appearance of a Tier Three monster indicates that the scale of it will not be small, it’s possible that the Demon Clan hidden in the Dark Moon Range is causing mischief.”

“Therefore, we at the Pavilion need a batch of elixirs, talismans…

“We at the Pavilion will collect and provide materials, wait for a few days for now and I will personally come to request your help in Alchemy and Talisman Drawing.”

“After this is complete, besides necessary rewards, you will also receive the Pavilion’s ‘Token of Honour guest in Ten Cities’.”

After reading the letter from Taoist Xiuyu, Su Yu furrowed his brows, thinking about why the Pavilion wanted him to do Alchemy and Talisman Drawing. He also somewhat admired his decision to leave the Dark Moon Market swiftly.

Otherwise, escaping might have been impossible now.

The letter said that the Dark Moon Market was being jointly sealed off by various factions and formations had been opened to establish defense lines.

At this particular moment, besides necessary personnel who could go out and seek support and supplies, all others were forcefully retained there to resist the monster tide together.

This was definitely not a joke, a monster tide involving Tier Three monsters would be deadly, even for someone in the ninth level of Foundation Establishment Realm.

Not to mention himself, a lowly cultivator of the third level of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

“What is this ‘Token of an Honour guest in Ten Cities’?” Su Yu became somewhat puzzled when he saw that Taoist Xiuyu had emphasized this in the letter.

The outbreak of the monster tide was too sudden, Su Yu didn’t have any preparations. Otherwise, if he could prepare elixirs and talismans one or two years in advance, he might have been able to gather enough resources to advance in the Foundation Establishment Realm.

However, it would be possible to squeeze some resources out of his, currently, available assets and fulfill part of them.

With the arrival of the monster tide, the prices of elixirs, talismans, puppet beasts would definitely soar.

Su Zhi, Su Bin and others noticed Su Yu putting down Taoist Xiuyu’s letter. Su Bin immediately asked, “What’s the situation? Is the monster tide affecting the Dark Moon Range severely?”

Su Yu handed the letter to Su Zhi besides him, saying, “This was not mentioned. This letter might have been written when the monster tide just started, when it was still brewing. Therefore, the exact situation was not mentioned.”

“However, the Pavilion mentioned that this time the monster tide included Tier Three monsters. The scale must not be small and the Demon Clan might be involved.”

Upon hearing this, the Family Head, Su Peng, changed his expression, fearfully saying, “That’s terrifying?”

“It’s good that you guys have returned from the Dark Moon Market, otherwise -”

He did not continue.

Su Yun, however, seemed unconcerned, chuckling,” What are we afraid of?

Little Yu, Little Zhi, Ke’er, and others obviously have a great fate on their side. They can change misfortune into fortune, seeking good luck and avoiding disaster. Isn’t it like right now? The monster tide struck the Dark Moon Market, but they avoided it.”

Su Ruosu nodded in agreement, “That’s true.”

Su Yu looked at Su Peng, asking, “Family Head, regarding the collection of

Alchemy and Talisman Drawing resources that we talked about, any progress?”

Su Peng answered, “A bit, but time is too short. If we had several years to collect, we might have been able to benefit from this monster tide.”

Su Peng’s words contained a hint of regret; such opportunities were rare.

Originally, Su Yu suggested that the family slowly amass some materials to see whether there would be any internal conflicts in the Bai Yue Fairy City in the future, during which they could seize the opportunity to make some resources.

However, who would have thought that the Dark Moon Market they just returned from would have a monster tide outbreak first?

Less than two months later, the materials collected by the Su Family were not much.

However, it’s better than nothing.

Su Yu said,” Then let’s focus on Alchemy and Talisman Drawing from now on. If the Dark Moon Pavilion needs it, let’s sell them all the elixirs and talismans we have – of course, the precondition is that the price has to be good.”

The family members then went off one by one to prepare for the possible turbulence caused by the monster tide in the Dark Moon Range.

Su Zhi had come to the Phoenix Palace before, when the Su Family was still located at the Cang Mountain. Now that they had moved to the Alchemy Mountain, she was unfamiliar with it, so Yu Ke’er and Yu Qianqing took her for a tour around Alchemy Mountain.

Su Yu looked at Li Pingchang, saying, “Go and fetch the materials of superior first-tier, second-tier talismans and those of second-tier or above elixirs that our family has collected.”

“Yes, Pavilion Master.” Li Pingchang efficiently turned around to complete the task.

Then, Su Yu picked up the letter sent by Yu Linfeng, opened it and was immediately flabbergasted..

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