Immortality: My cultivation Has No Bottleneck

Chapter 259 - 131: The Way of Heaven - Reducing the Excessive and Supplementing the Insufficient, Beast Tide Strikes (8k Combined Request for Monthly Tickets )_2

Chapter 259: Chapter 131: The Way of Heaven – Reducing the Excessive and Supplementing the Insufficient, Beast Tide Strikes (8k Combined Chapter Request for Monthly Tickets )_2

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Liang Sheng did not believe it was a coincidence, so he had already made up his mind that he would not tell anyone about what happened today.

Then, the Golden Core Daoist formed a hand seal, and a majestic power instantly enveloped the entire Back Mountain Hunting Grounds. The beast roars stopped abruptly, and the surge of Spiritual Tide’s aura was temporarily isolated.

Mountain-protecting Array, activate!

“All disciples, immediately return to your respective main peaks and keep today’s events a secret.

Later, some disciples from the Internal Affairs Office may come to your Cave Mansions to ask what you saw in the Hunting Grounds.

However, there’s no need for concern; just truthfully report the situation. At this moment, I need to report the current situation to the Sect. Everybody, disperse.”

After speaking, the Golden Core Daoist who activated the array no longer paid attention to Liang Sheng and the others. He directly soared into the sky, turning into a stream of light and disappearing before the disciples’ eyes.

Immediately after, Liang Sheng and the other disciples left without any hesitation, not even looking back at the Back Mountain Hunting Grounds.

Cultivators can be curious, but they must never seek their own doom.

Green Cloud Peak.

Before Liang Sheng reached his Cave Mansion, Shen Wuque appeared in front of him and grabbed his arm.

Liang Sheng thought Shen Wuque was still angry about being tricked into going to the Back Mountain Hunting Ground earlier. As he was about to apologize, Shen Wuque released a sigh of relief and relaxed.

“Junior brother, fortunately, you’re fine. Otherwise, how would I explain it to our Master? Next time you want to enter the Back Mountain Hunting Grounds, don’t be as reckless as today. If you want to go again, remember to let me accompany you.”

Liang Sheng felt warmth in his heart upon hearing this. Shen Wuque’s concern for him was genuine.

Even though the other party was clearly angry about being tricked by him earlier, Shen Wuque still prioritized Liang Sheng’s safety and didn’t hold a grudge against his little scheme.

“Thank you for your concern, second elder brother. As you can see, I am fine now. Don’t worry, everything is good.”

“Mhm,” Shen Wuque saw that Liang Sheng was fine, and his seriousness only lasted for a moment before he couldn’t help but become playful again.

“Junior brother, tell me quickly, what happened at the Back Mountain Hunting Grounds? Why did they suddenly activate the Mountain-protecting Array?”

“Senior brother, it’s a long story, but a Golden Core Master Uncle has instructed us not to talk about this matter for now. 1 hope you can understand.”

Shen Wuque didn’t make things difficult for Liang Sheng upon hearing this and said regrettably, “Fine, the Sect always likes to make a big fuss about things. But you’re really unlucky, junior brother. How come problems arise at the Back Mountain Hunting Grounds every time you go there?”

The speaker had no intention, but the listener took it to heart. Liang Sheng felt a jolt in his heart upon hearing this. He seemed to have been the witness of the two Spiritual Tides. Would the Sect also notice this unusual situation?

However, after some thought, Liang Sheng felt there wouldn’t be any issues. After all, who would expect such a commotion to be caused just by an Early Foundation Establishment Stage disciple like himself? It was nonsense, and even if he spoke up, no one would believe him.

Then, Liang Sheng excused himself, saying he was tired. Shen Wuque immediately made way and let him return to his Cave Mansion to rest first.

But after Liang Sheng left, Shen Wuque put away his playful smile, looked towards the direction of the Back Mountain Hunting Grounds, and inevitably felt a bit nervous.

Could it be that such frequent fluctuations in the Spiritual Tide would really lead to a beast tide?

Danyang Peak.

At this moment, all non-closed-door cultivating Golden Core Daoists of the Dan Ding Sect were gathered together. None of their expressions looked good, and the anomaly in the Back Mountain Hunting Grounds was not something anyone would consider ordinary.

On the main seat in the hall, a figure suddenly appeared. It was none other than Dandingzi, the Nascent Soul Master and Leader of the Dan Ding Sect.

At this moment, Dandingzi’s expression was very calm, which unconsciously calmed down the somewhat panicked Golden Core Daoists below.

“Sect Master, 1 have just inspected the Back Mountain Hunting Grounds. There are no casualties among the disciples, but the atmosphere in the Hunting Grounds is not very good.”

The Golden Core Daoist who had inspected the Hunting Grounds was Liang Xin, the Chief of the Discipline Hall. He reported the situation in the Hunting Grounds, giving everyone a bottom line.

After listening to his account, Dandingzi did not speak immediately. Instead, he remained silent for a while before speaking.

“Liang Xin, could you go to the Guest Hall and have them send disciples to Welcoming Guest Peak to ask our Daoist friends from the other Sects to leave?

Later, 1 will inform the other Sects about this matter. This time, I’m afraid it’s not good news. I have a premonition that the beast tide might arrive earlier than expected.

Since that’s the case, we need to be prepared. Notify the Internal Affairs Office to have all the Foundation Establishment Disciples from the major peaks increase their efforts in refining Spiritual Pills.”

As for the number of pills to be refined, the Internal Affairs Office will distribute the quotas later, and each peak will work hard to complete the tasks according to their quotas.”

“We will obey the Sect Master’s orders.”

No one opposed at this time. It was a time for unity, and no one would cause trouble at such a critical juncture.

However, the Head of the Internal Affairs Department asked, “What should Green Cloud Peak do? After all, Junior Brother Jin is still in closed-door cultivation.”

Dandingzi thought for a moment and then turned to Peak Master Jin Jun, “Jin Jun, please find time to visit Green Cloud Peak and ask Junior Brother Jin to leave closed-door cultivation early. The situation is urgent, and we can’t adhere to too many rules.”

“Yes, Sect Master.”

This time Dandingzi did not re-mention the activation of the Dan Ding Sect’s Protective Array. He did not directly close the mountain like what happened during the turmoil with the Six Sects and the Dan Ding Sect..

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