Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted by Eleven Jewell

Chapter 2217

Chapter 2217

Chapter 2217

Stella took a face towel and gently wiped away the foam from Keegan's face, whispering, Don't worry about a thing. Just concentrate on your new product launch. I've got everything under control."

Keegan grinned, leaned in to rub his nose against hers, and rested his hand on her slightly swollen belly, murmuring, "With you three here, I'm fearless."

Stella pecked his cheek, "You're amazing, honey.” Keegan chuckled, his eyes brimming with tenderness. Stella personally selected a suit for him, opting for a tie that matched the color of her own jacket.

As they descended for breakfast, Aurora Kane kept stealing glances at Keegan, as if wanting to speak up several times, but Keegan remained composed, and she didn’t dare to voice her thoughts.

When Aldor Hart arrived with a few others at the venue, they were greeted by a swarm of reporters outside, causing quite a stir. Some were there to verify the trending news themselves.

Keegan glanced briefly before averting his gaze, then turned to Aldor. "We need to beef up security to maintain order. With this many people here today, we can't risk any safety issues."novelbin

Aldor nodded. "I'll take care of it right away."

Aurora whispered, "Keegan, perhaps we should postpone the launch. These people are clearly here for those ridiculous news stories.”

Keegan didn't look at her, responding calmly, "The launch was scheduled way before this. Many people specifically traveled to Rivera for this. It wouldn't be fair to postpone just because of some family drama. This launch isn't about me showcasing myself; it's the culmination of the company's three-year effort. No one has the authority to cancel it."

Aurora fell silent, stealing a glance at Stella. She thought Stella might interject to persuade Keegan, but Stella just kept her head down, engrossed in her phone.

Aurora felt irritated.

After seeing the news last night, she was worried all night, contacting Dahlia and friends to remove the trending topic. Yet, these two, acting as if nothing had happened, were still sound asleep upstairs. The next day, they dressed up nicely to attend the launch, seeming oddly unconcerned.

At the venue, Aurora escorted Stella to the waiting room, while Keegan went with Aldor to meet with the shareholders.

Upon Keegan's arrival, several shareholders were frowning, engaged in conversation with Chandler. Upon seeing Keegan, they fell silent, their expressions less than pleasant.

Keegan greeted everyone and then stood to the side. There would be a premeeting interview shortly, and he would have to say a few words.

Chandler exchanged a glance with someone nearby, then Mr. Johnstone cleared his throat and said, "Mr. Kane, the board just discussed it, given the serious public opinion at the moment. We believe Mr. Chandler would be more suitable to present the product today. What do you think?"

Keegan looked at them for a moment before replying, "Sure, no problem."

Mr. Johnstone was taken aback, his prepared speech suddenly stuck in his throat. Did Keegan just agree like that?

"Then, could you provide the speech notes to Mr. Chandler? We till haye over anhour befor elicat starts, be can familiarize himself with them." The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

Since there would be a teleprompter anyway, all he had to do was read from it.

Keegan said, "There's no need for notes. I've got it all in m heag,, then glance {Ghareler cle, why d6n't! ‘speak, and you can take notes?" The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

Chandler's expression darkened, "Keegan, this isn't the time to cause problems. The online s andals right now are severety dain ing to the cBmipany. The launch is live-streamed. Just think, if you were to suddenly appear in the public eye now, what would the consequences be?” The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

Keegan replied calmly, "The viewer count definitely won't be low, and we'll save on advertising costs.”

Chandler's face turned ashen, "Is abandoning your birth mother something to be proud of?"

Keegan smirked, lifting his gaze to Chandler, "Uncle, do you really not know whether | abandoned her or not?"

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