My CEO Husband Has Some Issues

Chapter 158 - 158: Everyone is Guessing Her Background

Chapter 158: Chapter 158: Everyone is Guessing Her Background

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She was still not at ease, pulled open the door, and gave one more reminder, “You must eat something, or else your stomach won’t be able to take it. Did you hear me? If I find out tonight that you have a stomachache again…”

It seems she couldn’t really do anything to him.

A pauper without money or power threatening an all-powerful CEO seemed a bit of a joke.

Rong Yan awkwardly skipped over this feeble threat, “Be sure to eat, ha, I’ll give you a call later.”

She had to monitor whether he actually ate, since it wouldn’t be good to say anything if she left and he got busy with other things.

Right at this moment, Rong Yan’s phone rang from inside her bag.

She took out her phone and saw it was Estelle calling, urging her to hurry to the company. Rong Yan hung up, put away her phone, then looked up at the office’s unequaled, distinguished man, smiled radiantly, and waved, “Li Shengxiao, I have to go now, remember to eat lunch! Bye.”

She rushed in hastily, and just as hurriedly left.

Leaving everyone in the president’s office dropping their jaws in shock.

“…Assistant Gu, I didn’t mishear just now, did I? That woman mentioned tonight. Does Mr. Li live with her? Could the voice of the woman being spread around by the legal department during the meeting that day be…” The vast majority thought that voice belonged to Miss Shen.

Turns out it wasn’t.

“Also, just now, how dared she talk to Mr. Li like that?”

Asking Mr. Li if he heard, let alone threatening and even demanding Mr. Li to answer her calls, this…

For ordinary men and women, such dialogue might be quite normal, but this man is Li Shengxiao! A man who stands at the pinnacle, overlooking the entire Capital City.

She spoke so casually and naturally, telling Mr. Li to eat and even to call to urge him, that was just too… incredible!

Gu Ming was harassed by a bunch of people, holding a disc in his hand, even his forehead creased with a frown, too distracted to answer the other curious onlookers. He brushed them off, “Focus on your work and stop prying into the BOSS’s private life! Are the documents for the meeting ready? Those who haven’t finished, hurry up!”

The rest were scolded by him and went back to their work.

Having dismissed the gossip-mongers, Gu Ming dared to furrow his brow, his own face full of questions, holding the disc as he walked toward the president’s office…

In the end, he didn’t get a clear look at that woman’s face, and now he was especially curious about what kind of woman could outdo Miss Shen and capture the BOSS?

Rong Yan, unaware that someone was wondering what she looked like, hastily hailed a cab and rushed to KT Entertainment.

As soon as she entered, whether it was the receptionist she met, the staff members, or fellow colleagues, their gazes toward her were full of scrutiny and judgment, yet not one greeted her!

Rong Yan knew this was because of the statement the company had publicly released to support her earlier, leaving these people puzzled about her identity and background.

She didn’t know if it was just bad luck, but as she turned a corner, she bumped right into the last person she wanted to encounter.

“Well, well, look who it is. Isn’t this our little princess returning?” Kim Yien was dressed in a strappy fringed long dress, her makeup exquisite, and the corners of her eyes drawn upwards with eyeliner, giving off an impression of someone not easy to get along with.

She blocked Rong Yan’s way, scoffing mockingly, “Our dear Miss Rong is quite impressive, huh? Even after falling out of favor, she can quickly hook up with upper management. You’ve made quite a stir outside, even daring to provoke the second-in-command of HuanYu. It scares me so much-”

Her agent, seeing her picking a fight on her own initiative, turned pale and hurriedly pulled her, “Yien, the director is rushing us, let’s hurry.”

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