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Chapter 41 - 40 The Path of the Lord_l

Chapter 41: Chapter 40 The Path of the Lord_l

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Soon, the sixteen outstanding newcomers followed staff members to the award ceremony.

There were not many spectators here, but the place was grandly and solemnly set up.

Mu Yuan understood this well. If Xuan Country was going to provide such strong support to newcomers and award them, the ceremony had to be formal. This was reasonable.

He didn’t feel restless at all.

But some of the rich second generations felt the ceremony was too small with too few spectators, unaccustomed to not being praised.

With the beginning of the award ceremony, some newcomers reluctantly put away their phones and turned their attention to the stands.

“…Next, please welcome the vice president of our Baijiang Association to deliver a brief speech.”

A burly figure strode forward, and the imposing gaze swept over the entire venue.

Mu Yuan’s eyes widened.

Wasn’t this the burly man who had acted as his examiner before? He was actually the Vice President of the Baijiang Association.

Jiang Cheng!

This was a real player bigshot!

Well, Mu Yuan didn’t actually know him, but to serve as the Vice President in such a critical department as the Baijiang Association, this man had to be one of the top figures in Baijiang, right?

Vice President Jiang didn’t use a microphone, he simply cleared his throat lightly, and his voice spread like a wave across the entire venue.

Mu Yuan felt a burst of vigor.

The Liver Emperor, next to him, who seemed to be on the brink of death, suddenly brightened like a spirited youth.

But of course, this was real. The Vice President had used a kind of supportive aura ability, with one light cough he had swept away the fatigue of the body and mind of the players.

Jiang Cheng paused before he spoke, “First of all, congratulations to all of you for passing the exam. Once you pass the trial, you can become true lords.” “However, being a lord is just the beginning. As a lord, you can have power, enjoy life, but it also means that you will face more dangers, take up more responsibilities.”

“Speaking of this now may be a bit early for you, you will understand in time, and don’t forget, your identity as a citizen of Xuan Country.”

“As long as you are lords of Xuan Country, Xuan Country will always be your backing.”

Jiang Cheng, as a bigshot player, was decisive and efficient, without the habit of speaking for three hours in just three sentences.

Not to mention him and the Liver Emperor, even the rich second generations and the second generation players were all obediently sitting down, listening to Vice President Jiang’s teachings, not showing a trace of arrogance.

Second generation player? Their elder brothers and elders, in front of Vice President Jiang, were just nobodies. That’s why they behaved very obediently, like kittens, hoping that if they could attract the attention of President Jiang, they could skyrocket to the top.

Unfortunately, President Jiang didn’t even pause his gaze on them, he just said a few words and then left in large strides.

Of course, such a big figure, it wouldn’t be easy to gain his favor.

After Vice President Jiang left, the staff on the scene awarded the examination certificate to the players.

This certificate was not just a formality but also a proof. Players can get a higher level of authority through the verification code on the certificate to obtain some higher-level data related to the Lord.

When handing over the certificate, the staff also warned them not to divulge the information.

At the same time, the staff introduced some basic points on the spot, mainly for the clueless civilian players.

“The status of a Lord Player is lofty, with great power, but building a territory is not easy… even, it’s not something one person can do.”

“After all, troops are only responsible for fighting, but there are many things that need to be handled in a territory. Management, finance, logistics, production… When you start operating a territory, these problems will come one after another. If you don’t prepare in advance, you will be in a hurry.”

“Therefore, there are generally three types of lords.”

Official Lord;

Group Lord;

Personal Lord;

An Official Lord, as the name suggests, is a lord who co-constructs the territory with official investment, similar to a state-owned enterprise.

The safe cities where the rescue teams sent newcomer players previously were Official Lord cities.

“Although Official Lords have less power, they have the advantage of being relaxed and safe. Firstly, the defense of Official Lords’ cities is stronger, and there is no need to worry about Monster Tide attacks; Secondly, the Officials will set up important facilities such as player associations and resource transfer stations in the city. In other words, the Official City is almost the center of the surrounding area, which makes it easier to prosper.”

“As Lords, you can also become stronger as your territory improves. This is the advantage of being an Official Lord.”

A Group Lord is a lord supported and invested in by large nobles and financial tycoons.

Sometimes ordinary players and the second generation players lack the resources to build a territory, they will accept investment from large groups, similar to stakeholding in an enterprise.

But these groups are not all philanthropists. Some reputable groups only take investment income and do not interfere with the internal affairs of the player’s territory. However, some groups not only interfere, but even try every means to control naive civilian Lords.

Historically, such events have occurred.

“If you want to accept investment from a group, you must be discerning and inquire about the group’s reputation.”

A Personal Lord, of course, does not accept external investment and maintains complete autonomy.

It seems to be the freest, but also the hardest.

Such lords are rare, either very weak or very strong.

At this point, the staff continued, “Of course, be it group lords or individual lords, or various major guilds and organizations, they are all part of our Xuan Country, an inseparable part of our Xuan Country’s Eternal World- the ‘Tai Xuan Alliance’.”

“As such, Xuan Country has launched the ‘Tai Xuan Covenant’ platform. Individual lords and group lords can accept tasks issued by the officials, earning contribution points to exchange for various rare resources that are difficult to purchase in the outside world.”

This was equivalent to ruling in partnership with Xuan Country.

As individuals, they have autonomy over their territories, but they also need to keep pace with the overarching strategy of the Tai Xuan Alliance.

The Alliance does not require lords to cooperate unconditionally, but they can’t be disregarded at critical times either.

In this world, there is no such thing as absolute freedom.

Moreover, new territories are located in the periphery of the Tai Xuan Alliance. Many times, when they are under attack by monsters, the lords look forward to the official reinforcements.

So for the officials, lord players are actually more reliable than ranger players.

The lord’s territories and foundations are all on the side of Tai Xuan.

This is also one of the reasons why the officials are willing to spend a lot of resources to cultivate new territories….

“It is said that the Tai Xuan Covenant also provides support programs for outstanding individual lords. As long as their performance is remarkable, they can receive various resource rewards?”

“Sometimes, the novice lords need to compete with young lords from foreign countries and fight for benefits for the Tai Xuan Alliance?”

Seemingly, this involves the distribution of some important resource territories.

This is voluntary, but if a new lord can win resources for Xuan Country, they would receive generous rewards. Plenty of rewards are given!

In general, individual lords have to fight more. Without fighting, what will he use to support such a big territory?

“Most newcomers want to take the path of individual lords, but they find this path is full of thorns and eventually have no choice but to succumb to reality.”

“If you really want to take the path of an individual lord, you can’t miss those precious opportunities.”

“Being cautious is naturally not wrong, but when it’s time to fight, you must make a decisive move.”

The above were the words said by Vice President Jiang when Mu Yuan went to collect additional newcomer benefits after the ceremony ended.

In the vice president’s office, Jiang Cheng stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, overlooking the players leaving in succession.

“1 hope this time, more successful new lords can emerge.”

He murmured.

The orange-red twilight fell on him, illuminating his clearly defined muscles which looked as solid as granite. His pupils were bright, as if he were a fire deity bathed in flame.

He thought of the young man in the examination room who, despite having established a huge advantage, still used ‘sneaky’ tactics to defeat two Big Goblins.

Very steady.

He lacks the rashness, arrogance, and conceit of some young geniuses.

Jiang Cheng always teaches the younger generation of players to be cautious, for a single wrong step could result in a catastrophic loss, if not death.

This is also why he valued this young man, and not just because of his strength.

Only by managing cautiously and steadily can you have the last laugh in the crisis-ridden Eternal World.


Jiang Cheng always felt that this young man was too steady?

Having ten Skeleton Soldiers, for a newbie player of civilian origin, is already excellent. But he intuitively felt that this was still not all the youngster had to offer.

This isn’t about having a few more Skeleton Soldiers.

During the test, it is normal to keep some troops for home defense.

Jiang Cheng just felt that Youngster Mu had kept not only troops but also a trump card.

“Could it be that this kid has already recruited Rare Rank Troops?”

Is this possible?

Thinking of Mu Yuan’s performance, Jiang Cheng faintly felt… it really might be possible!

He shook his head and chuckled, “Whether it’s true or not, the competition for novice lords is still too far off for him. Let’s see how far he can go first. Maybe, he can get onto the trial list and achieve a good ranking as a commoner?”

Jiang Cheng was looking forward to it.

Compared with the rich second generation and second-generation players, he was more eager to see ordinary commoners stand out. Not only because he himself was once a commoner, but more importantly:

“Youngster Mu is from a common family and is an orphan. All he has achieved today is purely from his own efforts. Only such people can really go far. Only they have a slim chance of reaching the extreme peak..”

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