Pushover Extra Trains the Villainesses

Chapter 85: The Kingdom Project XXI (2)

Watching her not just defending by swinging her sword wrapped by mana condensation, but also calculating the angle and inflicting damage on her enemies, the Royal Guards showed a stunned expression.

“Damn! Stop firing! Now that this has happened, we will deal with it in hand-to-hand combat!”

Even in a state of considerable shock, the Royal Guards tried to continue the attack. Then, with their swords raised, they charged Elios with all their might.



Watching what happened next, Bahamut unconsciously turned his head slightly to the side. Along with the screams of the guards, he began to feel the thick smell of blood in his nose.

On the other hand, unlike Bahamut, Ophelia continued to observe the battle unfolding in front of her eyes.

No, it couldn’t even be considered as a battle, it was a one-sided masacre.



The Royal Guards who had enhanced their physical capabilities with mana collapsed without even able to do anything. Even if they applied mana condensation on their swords, the moment it touched the White Dragon Princess’s sword, it shattered like a rotten piece of wood.

The reason for that was simple. The density of the mana condensation of the White Dragon Princess was overwhelmingly higher than the mana condensation of the Royal Guards.

On the other hand, their attempts to attack were constantly blocked by her who wielded her twin swords without hesitation, and were counterattacked.

‘Ususlly, dual swordsmanship is not a preferred method of combat…although the attack speed may be fast, the gap in defense is too large. But…to someone who has an overwhelming amount of mana like that woman, it allows her to attack and defend at the same time.’

She was using a combat method that transcended ordinary human beings, so the disadvantages were covered and only the advantages remained.

‘But…I’m the same in that respect.’

Ophelia finished her analysis of her opponent and slowly readied her sword.

And at that point, the last of the Royal Guards who had held out until the end fell to the floor.

“Kuh…this…such a…monster…like…”

“Now do you understand? Surely you don’t think of me as a human being like you?”

With those words, Elios walked past the fallen Royal Guards.

And Ophelia with her greatsword stood in front of her.

“Ohh…what a happy surprise! I never expected to see you here again.”

Elios reacted as if she was meeting a close friend.

In response, Ophelia silently aimed her greatsword at her opponent. 

And the moment she saw the greatsword, a thoughtful expression began to appear on Elios’ face.

“Is that…Carl’s Greatsword? So you were the ones behind that incident?”


“Hehehe, am I right? You guys are quite funny. And the man standing behind you the mastermind, right? Oh, our Empress was quite interested in that man. Then if we bring him along, wouldn’t it be a pretty good present?”

“Shut up!”

Ophelia responded in a cold voice.

Seeing her expressionless face showing anger for the first time, Elios began to feel that the situation was getting more interesting.

“Hehehe, has your expression completely changed! Do you see that man as your precious master? No…maybe he’s not just a master, but a lover? Then the story is more interesting… ”


At that moment, Ophelia attacked Elios with an incredible speed.

The blow with the huge greatsword overflowing with mana was blocked by Elios’ defense, but the aftermath radiated a tremendous shockwave around them.

“That was quite something. You are definitely stronger than before.”


Even as she said that, Elios still showed an expression of composure on her face.

Against her, Ophelia once again attacked with her greatsword at breakneck speed. The human-sized greatsword seemed light as a feather in her hand.

Such tremendous offensive was possible because it was enhanced by mana rather than normal physical strength, but Elios was using her two swords to perfectly block it every time.

And, while observing the battle from behind, a slight frown appeared on Bahamut face.

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