Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

Chapter 978 Feeding Everyone The Miraculous Fruits


Since I had grown that tree inside of my Soul Scape that the fruits have been growing stronger the more it produced them. Which was every one or two days. A maximum of every three days. Sometimes they would be produced consecutively and then wait more days until one would pop up again.

I had noticed that this might be based in the amount of Mana I spend. Meaning that the more I fight and use my Mana, the more the tree of death consumes such leftover energy and grows, the fruit it yields become of a much higher quality.


[Demonic Death Fruit (S Grade)]

A Demonic Fruit harvested from the [Demonic Tree of Death: Qliphoth], it contains a large quantity of corrupted mana, Miasma, and the Souls of the Dead. Depending on who consumes it, it has a variety of effects.

If eaten by Undead, can slightly increase their stats permanently, help them develop a Skill, or even Evolve.

If eaten by a Living Being, it can either help them develop resistance to Death and Darkness Elements, and if they're about to die, it could painlessly transform them into high ranked Undead.


And half of the 27 fruits were all S Rank, rising all the way from A++ Rank to A+++ Rank and then S Rank. It was a big jump, so I was expecting even greater rewards. Naturally, I prioritized my family and gave Partner, Lucifer, and Nyx most of my S Rank fruits.

"Mama, what's this ugly fruit?" Nyx asked with a disgusted face.

It was already around ten in the morning when we were having breakfast, and I distributed the fruits to everyone. Tonight we were all going to raid the dungeon below and then the church, so it was time to power up a bit more.

"It is a Demonic Death Fruit. It looks ugly but it should help you grow stronger." I said. "Nyx, eat them both."

"Eeeh? Ugh… It smells weird!" She cried. "Like something's rotting there."

"I… I never truly cared about the flavor but maybe you're not wrong…" I nodded. "But Nyx, don't you eat rats and bugs like nothing? What's so wrong about a weird fruit?"

"Mmmm… But bugs and rats are fresh and crunchy!" She said. "I don't particularly like rotting stuff…"

"Nyx, don't complain so much and eat." Lucifer said, already munching on his second fruit, and finishing it in a few more bites. "It was a rather weird flavor, but strangely enticing- Oh?"


And right away, his power rose. An enormous quantity of Magic Power surged from within him. And not only that, but I felt his very soul becoming stronger as well, blazing with his Abyssal Death Flames of black and dark blue color. His appearance didn't change or anything, but he felt much stronger than before.

"Some of my Skills evolved?!" He asked while gasping. "Incredible! These fruits are amazing… Maria! And my stats increased too! What in the world… I gained two hundred thousand Mana out of nowhere?!"

"Woah…" Nyx dropped her jaw in shock. "M-Maybe I'll give it a try then…" She slowly started eating the fruits, after giving them a first bite, she found them not so bad, and ate both in a minute.


The same process as her father happened to her. Both her body and soul were strengthened even further. But for Nyx, it felt different. Her Soul overflowed out of her body, resembling a giant ghostly dragon, and then it flew back to her. At the same time, her black crystal scales became shinier and even harder, and her horns grew larger and sharper.lightsnovel

"Woooaah! I feel so strong, it's kind of addicting! Mama do you have more fruits?" Nyx asked me.

"I do, but you should sit down first and assess your gains first before doing anything else." I told her. "Now, everyone else, eat the fruit. You too, Partner."

"Ugh… A-Alright." Partner nodded, looking rather saddened. She sat down cross-legged and started to mediate in a similar way I had taught her. Which was a derived meditation technique Jonathan had taught everyone else.

"Can't we have the fruit too?" Celes wondered innocently. "Maybe for mama?"

"Sorry, these don't work on the living." I said. "They're fruits that will kill you if you eat them. They're only for Undead."

"W-Wait, what? Is Nyx an undead?" Celes gasped. "Nyx are you a zombie?"

"Dunno!" Nyx crossed her arms. "Does it matter? I'm not stinky."

"Hmm… Not really." Celes shrugged. "It doesn't matter, and you're not stinky, that's true! Nyx always smells nice, like soap."

"Hehehe, really?" Nyx giggled. She easily broke the concentration of her meditation with little Celes.

"Nom, ugh. Am I the only one that found these really gross?" Partner wondered, as she was eating the two at the same time, bite after bite until they disappeared. "I prefer fresh and tasty blood to be honest…" She quickly started drinking a glass of blood. And then.


lightsΝοvεl ƈοm Her crimson Blood Aura erupted from her body, her muscles and the rest of her body were further strengthened. Making her gasp in utter disbelief. To make things more amazing, her Blood Magic seemingly evolved even further. Surrounding her with blood droplets that changed shape based on a mere thought of hers.

"W-Woah… What the…?!" She muttered. "It really worked! Back then I still had to heavily rely on Spells conjuration. But now… it is as if the blood I can control is just part of my own self. This is truly incredible…"

"I also finished mine…" Catarina yawned, her Aura growing stronger, blazing with a mighty aura of pure physical prowess, coming out of an Undead was truly something else. "Woah… This is good."

"Awoooo!" The zombie wolf, Blackie, also evolved after consuming the fruit, becoming a giant Undead Wolf covered on shadow flames, and a third crimson eyes.

"Even Blackie evolved!" Silva celebrated. "So cool! Those are some miraculous fruits!"

"And my friends too… They grew so strong." Fabian commented, glancing his four friends power rise even more.

"Looks like it all went smoothly." I nodded. "Alright, I'll eat some myself and see what's the limit of the stats it can give to me."

Like that, I began devouring fruit after fruit…


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