Reborn as an Extra

Chapter 224 Fix A Broken 'Path'...? Part-2.

Elf Captial Rhymel, Resting area, Evening.

Standing outside his room's door, Rio looked at his own clothes with a weird look in his eyes.

'So these are what elves wear?' (Rio)

Earlier when Rio opened the closet in his room, he found that it was filled with elven-styled clothes.

Out of all of them, Rio decided to wear the green-colored robe, which has designs made all over it that resemble a leaf of the world tree.

'This thing… it fits perfectly as if they knew my size and specially prepared this for me… did the alliance give them my personal details…' (Rio)

'Now I know why, 'that' weird thing happened in the novel…' (Rio)

Thinking about the novel, Rio squinted his eyes and couldn't help but look at his own robe again.

'It looks so weird on me… the only thing good about it is… it's enhanced by defensive magic…' (Rio)

Although Rio didn't really need a defense-type artifact as he already had the 'Lamont's robe' to protect him, he was not so insincere that he would reject wearing this robe, even though the elves went to such lengths to prepare it.

'I guess it's not bad to have a change of mood sometimes…' (Rio)

'I have even worn damaged clothes to university before in my past life, It's not that big a deal to wear this thing now…' (Rio)

Rio shook his head and walked downstairs to meet up with Lia.

(Lia's pov)

Lia's Room.

Lia glanced at the mirror and stared at her dress over and over.

'This dress is so beautiful!' (Lia)

Unlike Rio who had no fashion sense or clothing instincts, Lia was definitely able to distinguish the uniqueness of this dress.

Her dress was a gorgeous-looking gown in elven style. It has an amazing design as if a national-level fashion designer designed it.

After appreciating the dress, Lia combed her golden hair and tied them in a 'ponytail' style.

Then she grabbed the hand fan that was placed near the mirror and then left the room.

When she arrived at the bottom of the tree, she found Rio standing there leaning against the tree trunk with his eyes closed.

He looked particularly handsome today in those elven-styled robes.

With a smile on her face, Lia tip-toed towards him as she wanted to surprise him, but oblivious to her, Rio already detected her presence. He was just playing along with her sneaky ways.

Lia raised the hand fan and covered half of her face with it and then said in a flirtatious tone all of a sudden:

"Young man, you look so handsome, wanna hang out with this old sister?" (Lia)

Her voice seemed to resemble a flirtatious older lady who was trying to pick on a young boy.

Rio was quite surprised at her words, but he decided to play along.

He kept his eyes closed and said.

"No thanks, I am married…" (Rio)


Lia was so bewildered at Rio's words that she choked on air and ended up coughing violently in sheer shock.

Only then did Rio open his eyes. He looked directly into her eyes and said.

"Idiot, you think I will not be able to recognize you?" (Rio)

"Hmph!" (Lia)

Lia pouted her cheeks as her attempt to sneak failed miserably.

Moreover, her flirting technique ended up backfiring on her. She clenched her small fists and thought in her mind.

'I will beat you in this game one day! Just you wait! Hmph!' (Lia)

Rio just smiled at her cute expression and didn't say anything else.

Just when Lia was pouting her cheeks, Rio said in his usual emotionless tone:

"I know a good place, let's take the route from the market area… we can buy some souvenirs along the way…" (Rio)

Rio's tone may seem emotionless in other's opinion, but to Lia who was able to distinguish Rio's emotions as easy as breathing, she immediately noticed that Rio was up to something.

'He seems to have some other plans too… forget it, let's not delve too deep into it…' (Lia)

Although Lia sensed that something was going on in Rio's mind, she didn't ask him too much, as she didn't want to ruin the mood.

Rio stretched out his hand and Lia held it without hesitation.

'His hands are so rough compared to mine… is this the difference between a boy and a girl… even though I also train a lot?' (Lia)

Lia always used 'healing potions' to cure her body after every single training session, but Rio is different, he doesn't bother using healing potions for training purposes as he sees this as a waste.

Thus, his hands are always like this.

'Moreover, his hand is much bigger than mine… I would be so embarrassed if my hands became sweaty…' (Lia) (Her inner thoughts)

Lia was always troubled by the problem of sweaty hands, this was also one of the reasons why she always used to get embarrassed while holding hands with Rio in their early days of relationship.

But over time she figured out that Rio didn't seem to mind it at all.

In fact, he didn't mind her looking through his room, his phone, or even his clothes.

(Yeah, she has looked through all the items in Rio's dorm room… don't underestimate her stalking abilities… she has a whole cabinet filled with Rio's photos that she secretly caught…)

While Lia was busy in her thoughts, she didn't even notice when they both reached the market area.lightsnovel

Only when Rio stopped in front of a shop did she come out of her train of thought.

"It's a 'couple photo booth', let's try it out as we are wearing elven-style clothes today…" (Rio)

Rio seemed to look even more handsome in Lia's eyes under the rays of the setting sun.

(He isn't really handsome, it's just that Lia has a beauty filter for him… she seems to think of him as handsome, even though he is fairly ordinary…)

"Yes, let's try it out…" (Lia)

Both of them went inside and took several photos.

They posed while making a heart from both of their hands, then they posed while standing quite close, and then various other poses.

Although posing seemed quite awkward, when the photos came out, the result was indeed satisfactory.

Lia carefully put those photos in her space ring to ensure that not even one of them gets lost.

'I got new treasures to put in my collection now, hehe' (Lia)

A visible smile appeared on her face as she thought about how her collection was getting bigger and bigger slowly.

Seeing her smiley face, Rio asked her.

"hmm, did you like the pictures that much? You know… we can go to such booths on our future dates too if you like it that much…" (Rio)

"Yes! We must click many photos together!" (Lia)

"hmm, did you like the pictures that much? You know… we can go to such booths on our future dates too if you like it Lia's eyes shined brightly at that idea.

'That way my collection will increase even faster… hehehehe' (Lia)

Lia liked that idea so much that she was laughing from ear to ear.

After walking for another few minutes, the two of them came in front of a food stall.

The old elven woman smiled kindly at the two of them and said.

"This is one of the local sweets of the Elven kingdom, you two should try it out…"

The sweets were hanging on small wooden sticks like 'Dango' and due to this strange resemblance, Rio decided to try them out.

"Whoa, so sweet! It's good…" (Lia)

Rio ended up buying a whole bunch of them after hearing Lia's comments on that.

He handed over most of them to Lia as the two continued on their way.

"You don't like sweet stuff?" (Lia)

This question has been in Lia's mind for a long time, she noticed that Rio gave nearly all of the sweets to her and only ate a few himself.

"Hmm, it's not that I don't like them… it's just they make me remember some unpleasant things…" (Rio)

A confused look appeared on Lia's face as she stuffed her mouth with the sweets.

"I was once… forget it… it's nothing special…" (Rio)

Lia was genuinely surprised at Rio's hesitant tone.

This was the first time she had seen Rio hesitate. Before this, she always thought that Rio was the type of guy who never hesitated in anything and was always calm-minded.

But today for the first time she noticed an expression of 'feeling unpleasant' in Rio's eyes.

Although she wanted to know more about it, she didn't ask further as she didn't want to make him remember bad memories.

Just when Lia was busy contemplating in her mind, she didn't even notice that she was dragged to a very quiet place unknowingly.

"Here we are, this is the place I was talking about…" (Rio)

At Rio's words, Lia finally came back to her senses and noticed that the two of them were now standing on a small hill.

A forest was behind them and right in front of them was the amazing sight of the city of Rhymel, shining under the red rays of the setting sun.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm Rio then dragged Lia to a nearby bench.

(A road goes from this small hill, that's the route they took to arrive here but Lia was too busy in her thoughts to notice it… This also shows that, when she is with Rio, she doesn't worry about where he will take her...)

Looking at the amazing scenery while sitting on the bench, Lia felt calm and happy at the same time.

"I really am blessed to have met you… Rio…" (Lia)

"Haha, no, I am the one who is blessed…" (Rio)

Both of them thought of each other as a ray of hope that was guiding them through the sea of darkness.

The redemption of Lia who was destined for darkness proves that Broken 'paths' can be fixed.

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