The Mage of Eternity

Chapter 559 - 559: Spell Level (Lv. 154)

Chapter 559: Spell Level (Lv. 154)

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A year later.

“Lord, I beg you, please let me out.”

“I really can’t stay in the domain for another day.”

“Please, my lord, let me out. I’ll be your slave!”

“I’ve had enough of that adulterous couple. They show off their love in front of me every day. Do you think it’s easy for me?”

“Not long after I was born, I was tricked by your teacher and sent to the Abyss.

How could I have seen the opposite sex!”

“I’ve really had enough, my lord. Sir?”

“Sir, I know you can hear me! If you don’t promise me, 1’11…1’11 harass you every day!”

The Home of Kindness, inside the Mage Tower.

An Kai heard the Immortal’s complaint.

Ever since the Hanks couple entered the [Domain], An Kai had heard complaints like this every day.

When he was in a good mood, he would untie the other party and listen to their complaints.

If he were in a bad mood, he would directly block it.

Just like today.

An Kai was in a good mood.

Only then would he remove the Immortal’s shield and listen to the other party’s complaints.

It was impossible to release an Immortal.

Although this fellow’s strength was weak, his brain was stupid, and his improvement speed was slow…


He was the only living being who had close contact with his teacher and survived.

No matter how he looked at it, An Kai would not let anything happen to the other party.

He had a feeling.

In the future, when he searched for his ‘teacher’, he might need the help of the Immortal.


The Immortal could only exist in the safest place in An Kai’s heart-the Domain!

With the [Domain], unless An Kai died, nothing would happen to the Immortal.

Within the [Domain].

The Immortal dropped the book in his hand in disappointment.

He was in despair. He tried to communicate with his lord again, but there was no response.

This was his 386th communication.

It was also the 386th time that he did not receive a response.

It was right next door to the Immortal. That was the home of the Hanks couple.

The palace was exactly the same as his.

The only difference was that there was a huge golden coffin in Hanks ‘house.

The Immortal, who hadn’t explored the marvelous mysteries of Life, couldn’t understand this kind of evil taste.

Why was there a coffin…

“How is it? Am I fierce?”

“Fierce, fierce, fierce!”

Horrible words came from Hanks ‘palace.

It was transmitted to the ears of the Immortal.

At this moment, the Immortal wished that he hadn’t been summoned.

He also wanted to give that adulterous couple a punch to dispel their thoughts of showing off their affection to him.

It was a pity.

One against two, and the Immortal had zero combat experience. He wasn’t a match for the Hanks couple at all.

Because the Immortal couldn’t even defeat Widow Wang.

Even though their strength was equal, they were both at the tenth level of the Unity Domain realm.

However, in the past dozens of battles, the Immortal had always fled in a sorry state.

Later on, the Immortal also thought of moving.

He thought to himself, I can’t beat you, so why can’t I hide from you?

It was a pity.

The domain was very big, but it was also very small.

There were only so many palaces.

No matter how the Immortal moved, the Hanks couple would appear next door on time the next day and act as his neighbours…

“Sigh! It’s worse than death!

“No, it’s better to live than die…’

An Kai knew everything that happened in the domain.

Of course, he knew what the Hanks couple were thinking.

Harassing Immortal all the time was just to add some fun to their long, lonely life.

After all, even if the two of them appeared outside the domain, they would be useless.


When the two of them died, An Kai had collected money for them. If they appeared again, it would be nothing.

How would those who had paid the money look at An Kai?

However, An Kai did comfort the Hanks couple.

He told them not to panic.

Mason, Milton, Reid, and Polpi were also reaching their end of life.

The four of them were old acquaintances of the Hanks.

An Kai promised that it would not be long before the four of them were sent in to accompany Hanks…

These four people were all living beings who had followed An Kai in the early


Reid and Hanks followed An Kai around the same time.

It was even earlier than when Wayne followed An Kai.

It was also Reid’s generosity that gave An kai the resources to exchange for the first low-grade sorcerer’s stone.

So Hanks was quite happy when he heard that Reid was about to die.

Just like Hanks.

An Kai had also given Reid a choice.

Was it death or life extension?

Reid was very conflicted at that time, and his face was wrinkled like a withered cucumber.

In the end, Reid chose the same answer as Hanks.

He chose death.

The reason was similar.

The main reason was that the Home of Kindness had developed too quickly. His talent was limited, and he didn’t have the talent of a commander. This was confirmed when he first invaded the [Wealth Abyss].

Therefore, Reid’s presence was close to zero all these years.

What he did every day was to gather with the living beings who had followed An Kai in the early days, sighing and drinking.

Using alcohol to numb himself was useless.

If he continued to live, he would only continue to numb himself.

Therefore, he might as well die. At the very least, he could preserve his reputation as a desert man.

A month later.

Reid, Polpi, Mason, and Milton died on the same day.

The funeral was also held on the same day.

The funeral scale for the four of them combined was not as large as the Hanks.

However, the funeral of the four of them was also a big deal for the Home of Kindness.

As usual, An Kai gave a speech before the funeral.

He didn’t look sad either. He smiled and told everyone who attended the funeral to eat and drink well..

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