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Chapter 320 - 320: God’s Thunder

Chapter 320: Chapter 320: God’s Thunder

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“It is really him!”

The Nascent Soul was taken aback.

Suddenly, he noticed something, he turned around and saw that from afar, a streak of light had already rushed over.

That light approached quickly and eventually stopped not far away.

“Peak Master!”

The Nascent Soul realized that the light was indeed Master Butterfly Cloud.

Or more precisely, it was the Nascent Spirit of Master Butterfly Cloud.

Master Butterfly Cloud had no intention to pay attention to him, but her beautiful eyes stared at Qin Changqing.

Her Nascent Spirit is, naturally, an identical copy of her.

When Master Butterfly Cloud saw Qin Changqing, she revealed a deep look of surprise in her beautiful eyes.

Why did she come so quickly today? It was not that she was in Central State and came to see him with her Nascent Spirit.

The distance was too far, even for a Void-Refiner. They wouldn’t risk letting their Nascent Spirit travel so far away from their bodies.

It was because this year was the last year of their Centennial Agreement, and the day after tomorrow was Qin Changqing’s birthday.

Therefore, Master Butterfly Cloud had taken this opportunity to come specially.

As expected.

Before long, a Flying Boat appeared in the sky.

The Nascent Spirit of Master Butterfly Cloud returned to her position when the Flying Boat drew closer.

At the front of the Flying Boat, there were several female cultivators, including Tian Tian, a first-class Spiritual Root Disciple from Guiyuan Sect. Tian Tian was already stunned by the rosy clouds all over the sky.

When she saw Qin Changqing.

More surprise emerged in her eyes.

Qin Changqing was actually trying to reach the Void Refining stage.

And judging by the looks of it, he had already succeeded for the most part!

How many years had passed?

All these years had passed, Tian Tian was not yet 600 years old, and her power had just reached the Late Nascent Soul Stage.

She still had hope to reach the Void Refinement stage within the remaining 400 years, achieving the achievement of refining void in a thousand years.

But Qin Changqing had actually reached the Void Refining stage!

A Void-refiner who was just over three hundred years old!

This was unheard of.

If this did not surprise her.

Not only her.

Even Master Butterfly Cloud, who was at the peak of Void Refinement, was full of shock in her beautiful eyes.

At this point.

From afar, two more rays of light rushed over.

Master Butterfly Cloud saw that it was the Sect Leader of Xu?nti?n Academy and the Heavenly Luo Sect Master. Both of them were Nascent Spirits as well.

It seemed that their plans were the same.

They wanted to take advantage of Qin Changqing’s birthday to cozy up to him.

Despite having lost the hope of recruiting Qin Changqing, the Xu?nti?n Academy Sect Leader still had to show an attitude of goodwill.

“Has Qin Changqing reached the Void Refinement stage already?” The Heavenly Luo Sect Master was somewhat taken aback.

His feeling of astonishment, being a Sect Leader in the Late Stage of

Cultivating Void, was enough to demonstrate the enormity of the shock he had received.

No matter how powerful he was, it was unbelievable to see that Qin Changqing had already reached the Void Refinement stage.

If he was not astonished.

Perhaps the Xu?nti?n Academy Sect Leader had been so rushed that he didn’t even bring a fan with his Nascent Spirit. Even if he had a fan, he would have forgotten to fan it.

Qin Changqing’s breakthrough to the Void Refining stage this time truly shocked all of them.

After a while, when the Nascent Spirits of the Xu?nti?n Academy Sect Leader and the Heavenly Luo Sect Master returned to their places, the Ten Thousand Beast Sect Leader also arrived on a Five Elements Spirit Dragon.

Upon arriving, the delicate and lovely girl, her beautiful eyes widened in surprise.

In the following time, nobody spoke a word.

Everyone was standing there, their faces full of astonishment.

Time passed bit by bit.

Night fell.

They were all still there.

As the sun rose again, the ripples caused by Qin Changqing were getting bigger and bigger.

Another day passed, and finally, at noon on this day.

Qin Changqing let out a long sigh and stood up.

He retracted the power emanating from his body.

In the sky, the radiant rosy clouds trembled violently before disappearing quietly.

A formidable aura spread across the entire area.

In a short time, it seemed like the heavens and earth around Qin Changqing were branded with his name.

Qin Changqing had successfully transcended the Void Refinement stage.

From the moment he began absorbing the energy to break through the void, it took a total of 14 days.

The entire process was exceptionally smooth.

One could say it was as natural as water flowing into a canal.

“He made it!”

The Xu?nti?n Academy Sect Leader took a deep breath, unable to hide his utter astonishment.

In the sky, not only the Xu?nti?n Academy Sect Leader,

But also Heavenly Luo Sect Master and Master Butterfly Cloud couldn’t conceal their shock!

Qin Changqing had succeeded!

He had successfully transcended from Nascent Soul stage to the Void Refinement stage.

While the Nascent Soul stage was also a formidable standing in the Vast Wave


It paled in comparison to the status of the Void Refinement stage.

Void Refiners were the formidable entities that could sway the entire dynamics of the Vast Wave Realm.

Even in regions more prosperous than the Vast Wave Realm, such as the Holy Land, the status of Void Refiners wasn’t low.

Not to mention,

Qin Changqing’s Void Refining process was more phenomenal than even the geniuses of the Holy Land.

He had attained it in less than 400 years!

Previously, Heavenly Luo Sect Master had speculated that Qin Changqing might become a Void Refiner before the age of 500.

A Void Refiner of 500 years old was already far ahead of the geniuses of the Holy Land.

But, Qin Changqing was even more astonishing than the Heavenly Luo Sect Master had imagined.

His Void Refinement happened in less than 400 years.

The exact age was 385!

He was still 15 years short of 400.

This was truly impressive.

Judging from the fact that Qin Changqing was able to suppress the Early-Stage Refining Void cultivators even at the Nascent Soul Peak, his Nascent Spirit was likely extremely formidable.

The Void Refinement he achieved was absolutely not weak.

It was undoubtedly much more significant than those who could only achieve it with the power of their entire lifetime.

Given all these, it was only natural for these three old Void refiners to lose their composure.

Less to say, the Ten Thousand Beast Sect Leader and the likes of Tian Tian were even more astounded.

“Three seniors, after I survive the Tribulation Thunder, I will invite you to the Qin Mansion for a chat!”

At that moment, Qin Changqing’s voice resounded.

The Tribulation Thunder that accompanies the breakthrough to Void Refinement was arriving.

With one step, Qin Changqing reached the Array Formation that he had prepared.

With a light raise of his hand, the surrounding formations were rapidly activated.

These formations were arranged by Qin Changqing himself. There was no need for an Array Plate to control them at his will.

The function of these formations was simple – to collect the scattered thunder.

Qin Changqing still needed to continue refining the Purple Cloud Divine


This Divine Thunder, when used at the crucial moment, could produce significant effects.

Just like how Qin Changqing used the Purple Cloud Divine Thunder on Taixuan Peak to kill the Nascent Spirit of Dongxu Sundong.

Otherwise, with the speed of the Nascent Spirit at the Peak of Refining Void Stage, Qin Changqing wouldn’t be able to stop him from escaping, even with the help of an Array Formation.

By the time the Array Formation rose, the Nascent Spirit would have escaped far away.

This time, rather than suppressing his aura, and delaying the arrival of the Tribulation Thunder by one or two days, Qin Changqing directly released his aura, invoking the Tribulation Cloud.

The dense Tribulation Cloud quickly filled the sky with thunderbolts as wide as a water bucket continuously crashing down.

This Tribulation Thunder was stronger than usual, but for someone like Qin Changqing, it was naturally nothing much.

Different from the previous times, Qin Changqing intentionally left some thunder intact while dispelling the Tribulation Thunder.

One could see, strands of Tribulation Thunder that hadn’t been completely dispelled, fell on Qin Changqing.

He was leveraging the Tribulation Thunder to temper his own body.

This was something physical cultivators liked to do.

All these years, Qin Changqing had garnered a lot of experience in physical cultivation.

Now, his physical cultivation realm had reached the level equivalent to the Late Nascent Soul Stage.

His body had become extraordinarily resilient..

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