Unstoppable Martial Arts: Starting from Attribute Points Allocation

Chapter 249 - 164: Destroying the Decaying and

Chapter 249: Chapter 164: Destroying the Decaying and

Uprooting the Rotten

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“Gaga! Kill this human and then divide his flesh among ourselves!”

The eight-legged demon spider with a mouth as big as a basin swallowed and spat out its snake-like tongue, its eyes filled with greed and blood-red.

“He’s mine! None of you should compete with me.” A giant ape with lush hair pushed away the surrounding demon beasts and glared at Lu Yun. The amazing vitality contained in Lu Yun’s flesh deeply attracted it.

“Don’t be careless; this human has already killed two of our companions in a row. His strength is not to be underestimated.” The giant python covered in scale armor raised its upper body high, its thick waist shining with cold light, while its gloomy eyes shone brightly, and demon energy lingered on its sharp teeth.

Another fifth-rank late-stagc demon beast, a tall black bear, said coldly, “Let’s attack together, and whoever kills this human will get his flesh. Is that okay?”

“Okay.” The other demon beasts dared not disobey the words of the strong black bear.

“Follow me, smaller ones, and kill this human.”

A group of demon beasts led by the eight fifth-rank beasts rushed towards Lu Yun at the same time.

Even the strongest in the Golden Body Realm would be cautious when facing such an oppressive atmosphere created by the rise in demon energy.

Despite the situation, Lu Yun remained calm, showing no signs of panic.

As the numerous demon beasts drew closer, an eerie flame flickered in Lu Yun’s eyes.


At this moment, a powerful flame soared into the sky, causing the surrounding temperature to rise rapidly.

Chi chi chi!

Three third-rank White Lotus Flames condensed into three fiery lotus flowers surrounding Lu Yun. The burning white flames around him made him look like a king of fire.


With a roar from Lu Yun, the three pure white flame lotus flowers transformed into a sea of fire, instantly swallowing the charging demon beasts.

One after another, the demon beasts wailed and rolled, clearing out a large area.

When the flames dissipated, there were no more demon beasts within a dozen feet of Lu Yun. The remaining demon beasts stared at him, not daring to step forward for the moment.

Just one move wiped out nearly a hundred demon beasts. Such terrifying power stunned the remaining beasts and made them feel fear.

“What kind of flame is this that even fifth-rank demon beasts dread it?”

Commander Xu, who was about to come to the rescue, was shocked and astonished.

He knew that some alchemists or martial artists refined fire seeds and controlled spiritual fire, but he had never seen or even heard of someone like Lu Yun, who could create a fire sea with a wave of his hand.

With one strike that annihilated nearly a hundred demon beasts and dealt such a wide-ranging blow, how much True Origin would it take to generate such power, and how high would the limit of this white flame be?

Two brilliant rays of light burst from Lu Yun’s eyes. As his cultivation advanced to the peak of the Pure Yang Realm, the White Lotus Flame in his hands became even more terrifying.

However, launching such a wide-ranging and intense attack also consumed a significant amount of Lu Yun’s power, almost wasting nearly 10% of his Aura Origin.

One-tenth of Lu Yun’s Pure Yang Aura Origin was more than the total True Origin of an ordinary Transforming Origin Realm peak.

From this, we can see how great the consumption caused by such an attack really was.

After suddenly slaying so many demon beasts, Lu Yun’s jade scroll points shot up, breaking the one hundred thousand mark.

Besides, his Slaughter Conception also soared, reaching the second rank 48%, increasing by more than ten points.


Unleashing terrible speed, Lu Yun transformed into a thunderbolt and charged into a group of demon beasts.

“He’s not running away but charging in instead?”

“Quick, stop him.”

“Surround and hold him.”

These demon beasts hadn’t fully encircled Lu Yun yet, but they were already under his active attack.

“Your speed is too slow.” Simultaneously with Lu Yun’s rapid teleportation, he had already slashed with his blade, and a ray of sword light shone.

With one flash of the blade, two demon beasts were slain, one of the fourth-rank early stage and two of the third-rank late stage.

The blade light flashed again, and two more demon beasts were cut down.

With thunderbolt light flickering, Lu Yun’s figure moved swiftly among the demon beasts, slashing and killing several beasts every time the blade light flashed.

Even a formidable opponent like Lu Yun was afraid of being entangled by one of the demon beasts and falling into a full-scale siege.

The only thing he could do now was to eliminate as many demon beasts as possible and reduce the pressure on himself.

With this goal in mind, Lu Yun was moving in an irregular pattern within the group of beasts. Under the Three Thousand Thunder Movement technique, the fifth-rank demon beasts could not catch up with him, let alone hold him down.

Blade light flashed again and again, easily reaping the demon beasts that had gathered once more to attack Lu Yun. Each slash of the blade was more than ten feet long, cutting the massive bodies of the demon beasts in half. Such bloody slaughter made the demon beasts that were about to attack again shiver in fear, and gradually, they all consciously gathered around the few fifth-rank demon beasts.

“Flowing Wind!”

At this moment, murderous intent surged in Lu Yun’s eyes as he fully utilized the second-rank Slaughter Conception for the first time.

A massive, blood-red blade light appeared, swirling around like a tornado and cutting the world in half as it attacked a fifth-rank demon beast covered in scale armor.


This demon beast was in the early stage of the fifth rank, its strength comparable to a martial artist in the early stage of the Origin Fluid Realm. It had never expected that Lu Yun, who had been avoiding it, would suddenly attack. Its scale armor was instantly shattered, and its body was sent flying. Wounds covered its mutilated body, and blood flowed continuously..

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